Stylin' Thank You Notes

I wanted to share with you a nice surprise I received a couple of weeks ago.  I've been waiting until I sent my Christmas thank you notes to post about it so I could show off a bit....but pride goeth before a fall!  

I admired a sealing wax set that Paulette from Cheerful Thrifty Door  had posted at one of the parties I visit.  I commented about how lovely it is to get a letter sealed with stamped wax.  I had blogged about a lovely note I received with purple sealing wax  entitled The Beauty of Actual Letters .  Paulette looked up the post and decided I should have the sealing wax set!  She sent it to me along with a sweet note in early January.  I was certainly surprised and delighted when she wrote for my address and I had a few days to anticipate the gift.  Really, it was such an out of the blue gift!!  It certainly made my year!

When it arrived the perfect opportunity to use it presented itself, I had several thank you notes to write and now I had matching sealing wax!  

(It was unused when I received it, but I neglected to take a photograph first!)
 My first try was somewhat a disaster!

Not only did I burn the wax but there is a burn on the envelope where I set the match down.

At this point I went to YouTube to learn the finer art of making a beautiful seal but I'm afraid practice makes perfect.  More practice than I had notes to send!  Here are a few more good attempts!
There were more, but I'll spare you!  

By the last one the burned wax was little enough that the print actually showed up very nicely!    Just so you know, both seals have the horseshoe print!  All the seals were black (burned wax) and red but they still matched the card. I think that is important to note!

There is a flower seal, a horseshoe seal and minuet dancers.  The first one had the dancers...believe it or no..

I labored over the seals and really had fun with it, but skill I have not acquired yet!!  I hope my recipients enjoyed their notes!  I waited to blog until I was sure all had received them in order not to spoil the surprise of receiving them in the mail.

Thank you so much Paulette!!  I still have lots of wax left over to hone my craft!  I may yet do one as beautiful as the one I received from my niece!

Paulette also gave me an idea about paying it forward since she would not even accept my offer of paying the postage for the gift.  Now someone in Canada is also a beneficiary of Paulette's goodness.  I foresee a string of happy bloggers down the line, all to her credit!

Isn't it wonderful to have such nice people as Paulette in the world?

Ohhhhh I have 29 followers!  Who'll make it 30? 

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ooooohhh i remember my sister's wedding when each of their invitation was sealed with wax just like this :) that is sooo precious :)
What a beautiful gift! I've never used one but they sure do look like fun!
Cheapchick said…
What a great gift from a generous blog-friend.
Adri Hunt said…
What a nice wax set! That is so sweet of her to send that. That looks like fun to practice with and I think you did a great job!!! That is too advanced for me... I use a hot glue gun (lol)! Can't wait to see you this Friday!
Isn't it special to receive something totally unexpected! What a lovely gift and lucky you to have such a special friend!
Thanks for visiting!
Wendy said…
How cool!!! Enjoy it! :)
Jenny's Heart said…
What a great gift! How sweet of her to surprise you with it! I too write real letters and a set like this would be great, I am gonna have to look into it.

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