Knitting for Kyle

My grandson Kyle is all about green.  He chose this solid olive green yarn for his scarf which appeared in his stocking half finished with a promise.  I designed the pattern, knitted at either end and in between it's stockinette with a knit border.  The pattern naturally folds for a comfortable fit, doubled for warmth and a thinner look.

I finished it on the long ride home from North Carolina.  I really tried to finish before leaving but we were so busy every day!!  Before mailing it I tried it on his handsome Pappo. I designed the pattern so that when it's tied, it spreads out full. 

I couldn't resist a try on myself! 

We could certainly use it this week here in Florida with temp's dipping into the 20's, but it will go back ASAP to North Carolina to Kyle before his short winter season is over! It's fun to give when I designed the pattern to make it extra special.


I like the scarf! I like even more that you made it for your grandson! I LOVE it when people make me scarves (my sister-in-law knitted me one last year)!
I bet it will be great to wear, but also special to him.

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Paulette said…
My grandson also loves the color green. The scarf looks warm and cozy.♥
Unknown said…
I am with Kyle, all over green!!! Lovely scarf. Or, should I say, handsome?
It's a very practical and comfy scarf - he's sure to love it. Especially as you've designed it especially for him!
Kathleen said…
Ooh, great pattern design, with the natural folding for different ways to wear. It looks lovely any way it's worn, too. I approve of Kyle's choice of colour. ;)
Laura S Reading said…
That is beautiful! So versatile and comfortable looking too.

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