January 10, 2012

It's mid January here in our retirement nest.

I said earlier I wouldn't but I did.  I frogged it.  This is two skeins rolled together of sock yarn.  It just didn't thrill me as a shawl.  Truly a work in progress.  Is this my signal that I must make myself learn to knit socks this year?  An easy "beginner" sock pattern would be wonderful.  Send me your favorite socks via a comment.  I'm anxious to get to the next step with this yarn!

 Bath yesterday. 
She drives me crazy!  

 Fall is officially here today, mid January.  

I feel like I'm in a time warp. 

It's 79 degrees and it would be Indian Summer if I were in Ohio

Look what I discovered around the side of the house!  It's huge!  Look at all those brackets!

 Looking at it from the underside. Click on it to make it big...it really shows off how gorgeous it is.

I have some smaller ones by the front door that I almost pulled out because they are as ugly as sin when they first come up.  The creepiest looking plant I have ever seen.  It's some sort of succulent cactus.  If I find the photo I took of them in the spring, I'll post it here.   

I'm not anticipating Seasonal Affective Disorder this year.
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I love your comments....they make my day!


Anonymous said…
We are at almost 50 degrees here in northern Wisconsin. Who would imagine in January. I know the snow will come, and the ski hills and snowmobile trails need it, but I am enjoying a reprieve.
Love the after bath photos - a good needed roll to get those skin oils distributed.
A very pretty color yard, for socks or...
Willis Family said…
I liked the shawl. Ok. I like the color of the yarn.
Unknown said…
We have a few years before we get to that point, but I'm already think that's the best plan EVER! Your pictures are beautiful! I'm excited to follow your story! I'm your newest GFC follower!!!

XO, Aimee
Lovely pictures! =)

How fortunate you are to be in such a beautiful place in January! We just got our first snow here in Chicago . . . boo hoo! Thanks for the beautiful pics!
Mark Norkaitis said…
Love your blog! Im happy I got a chance to stop and look! Now your newest follower!

Mark @ Room363

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