Found Object

Found Object

Last week when I painted the cool air return I found an interesting object in the 5 gallon bucket of paint.
 This was used to scrape excess paint off  the roller.  

So it was interesting looking and I thought "How can I repurpose this?"
Not just any old way. I'm in space saver mode and every object I keep must have a purpose.  

So I set it out to dry while I began thinking.

I've been wearing earrings again but they have been just lying on the dresser.  So I took the pin from the corsage that I saved from my son's wedding last October and put the tiniest hole in the wall and hung it up.  
The pin is surprisingly sturdy, the rack doesn't move when I add or remove earrings.  
I love the vintage look!  

Necklaces can be hung on the hooks instead of the doors of the jewelry box.  The top leans out so I hung bracelets on the corners. 

Practical.  Rusty.  Repurposed.  White.  


Everything I love.  


That looks so good, I love it! :)
Love this idea! What a great upcycle. Thanks for stopping by my blog today:)

Christine @
A Few Pennies said…
Awesome idea; I love industrial type things repurposed--great inspiration!
Wendy said…
Brilliant idea, Jeanne! :)
That's really smart! Love it!
Lynn said…
What a great idea for repurposing your paint can tray. Now that's thinking outside the box! Very practical and so shabby chic!
Adri Hunt said…
This looks great Aunt Jeannie! Thank you so much for teaching me how to knit!!! I think I am pretty much done and have to learn how to end it... so I will look on YouTube!! I am so excited!
what a clever idea, looks great! Thanks so much for visiting and following! I'm your newest follower also and will be back to visit.
how ingenius! and it looks great! love the wooden doggy u have on the side too :)
Lisa said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the new use for the paint roller thingy!
Really cool! so simple but good solution! I'm trying to get my granddaughter take care of her jewelry. I think she'll love this idea! I'm your newest member!
Thank you!
Be blessed!

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