Thrifty Finds for Mid January

I have only been thrifting a few times this week, My DIY project has been watching Susie and Smokey while their mother is out of town.  A twice a day visit to feed, water, change litter and spend time with them takes a chunk out of my day.  They pay no attention to me.  They are quite haughty about the whole visit.  I'm not surprised a bit.

 But, during our hunt this week we did find the shelves that we needed.  We wanted solid wood bookshelves and have looked forever.  These came our way this week and we snapped them up.  Two bookshelves 5.7 wide, 7 feet tall and 1 foot deep.  Each unit has 12 shelves.  I haven't arranged them yet, but here is a sneak peek.

The basket with the blue lining is the first basket I bought for my unit by my desk. The other basket I had.  My bookshelves will hold my overflow books but are primarily I need baskets for crafts, photographs, and items I can't bear to part with but you wouldn't decorate or display them either. This basket is 2 ft long x 1 ft tall and 1 ft deep.  It will hold a plethora of items I need to access easily.  $4.99 including the liner.  

This next basket is quite ugly!
 I know you would never purchase this basket and neither would I except it is the exact size I was looking for.  My desk has 2 side drawers on either side and two deep shelves.  What is in the back stays there and I never see it.  So I told Bill, I was going to look for a basket the size of the space so I can access all the items by just pulling it out like a drawer.  I lined it (not shown though) and it's perfect  $1.49.

The bottom fabric covered box is nice but it is just half the size of the space.  The back half is empty.  

 A box for $3.99 contained a lot of thread which I was completely out of.

bobbins, needles, more thread
 and a big jar of buttons, at least a dozen larger ones (not shown)  the size I need for my felted bags. 
 Also it included quite a bit of cross stitch stuff, such as wooden hoops, a complete baby sampler with all the floss needed, a ton of cross stitch fabric, and this embroidery floss all of which I will probably never use.  

I bought the box only because it also contained a new circular knitting needle size 5 and some stitch markers and a knitting ruler with holes to measure unidentified needle sizes. It was fun, though to get all that bonus stuff.

 I carried home this faux ice candleholder.  Isn't it delightfully chilling?  

The one in the back was one I had and always felt it needed a mate.  It just look odd by itself but I really liked it.  I liked it so much that it came to Florida with me.  (Remember I sold or gave away 2/3 of my household plunder to make this move)  Now I'm set.  I like them with or without the tea light inside. I acually love them.

 And last, one item for me.  All cotton. 
fully embroidered.  

And that was my thrifting /DIY week. I linked up to the party at

Your comments make my day!


Great thrifting finds. I didn't get out much this week. Your basket is perfect for your needs. I have a similar one and have it on my desk with papers in it.
A really post this is, & your stitching collection is awesome.The collection shows the experience & interest regarding stitching things.
Wendy said…
I love all of the sewing stuff! (I love all of the stuff :) )

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