More Crocheted Angry Birds Toys

 The Green Pig Angry Bird
 One of the two finished projects I did last month, but couldn't blog about because they were stocking stuffers.  I had fun making the Red Angry Bird, so I went ahead and surprised my grandson with two more.

 I don't know why a green pig is an Angry Bird, but then I don't play the game.  I'm not supposed to know why kids want something, just what they want.  These are crocheted patterns I found on 

 This Angry Bird is The Black Bomb Bird. 

 I believe he is the mean one...he looks like a real Angry Bird!  

After making all three Angry Bird Toys I began seeing Angry Bird stuff everywhere.  It reminds me of the Troll doll fad.  

   If you would like to see the Red Angry Bird, you'll find it  here   .

Has anyone else made any?  Anyone play the game?

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anointedtoday said…
Jeanne these are really nice. I remember my aunt taught me to crochet. I thought that was so neet. She would crochet white swans and starch them to sit upright.
soooo cute! what a hobby! i can see the potential of an online business ;) keep on knitting!
Those are great! My boys would LOVE the angry birds one!!!

Thanks for sharing it on Tell it to Me Tuesday @ Creatively Living!

It is nice to see these angry bird toys. By the use of artistic ability, a beautiful crocheted angry bird was formed. I love this characters!

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