Knitting Work in Progress with Starbella Yarn

Today is Wednesday and Shelly and I have quite a few works in progress!

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We have been knitting up a storm while I'm here for Christmas week.  This is the Starbella yarn that Shelly picked out for daughter Kyra and I got to knit it! It's my first time knitting with Starbella yarn but Shelly made everyone scarves for Christmas and could have sold each one twice while knitting in public. 

You need fast projects when you're just visiting!  It's fun and pretty easy knitting with Starbella as it's so unusual.

about using Starbella is before you start your project, open the yarn and wind it around a tube like I have shown here.  I used a paper towel tube that I cut to size, you can use a toilet paper tube, a stiff piece of cardboard or even a rolled newspaper.  It is much easier to use when the yarn is already opened and flattened.  It's tedious but once you begin the project you can complete it in just a few hours, it goes that fast.

Have you tried this yarn yet? Or Red Heart's Boutique Sashay Yarn?

It's easy to buy authentic Starbella yarn on Amazon.  They offer it at a better price and more colors than local yarn shops.  The Amazon link below will take you directly to the Starbella Yarn.

Also feel free to ask me questions about Starbella.  It's so easy to knit or crochet with!

Joining the knitting party at Tami's Amis


Anonymous said…
What is the difference between starbella ruffles and sashay ruffes scarves? Are you using the same yarn?
Jeannie Marie said…
It is the same type of yarn. You would knit or crochet the same with it.
Anonymous said…
I just tried it this week. The scarf is very pretty. The metallic edging is rough if you have it next to bare skin.

Anonymous said…
I just finished one with Starbella. Tried many, many times to crochet it but just couldn't do it and I crochet, don't knit. Finally used a video for the knitted version and it worked out great. I will try the crochet version again :)

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