Busch Gardens in Autumn

Oh my goodness, we had a lovely day in Tampa at Busch Gardens!  We had been meaning to go since September but life got in the way...or was it laziness?  

Yes, it's Fall, but while taking the skyway I spotted this gorgeous pink tree!  

Perhaps you know what it is that blooms pink in November
 but I have not seen one anywhere else and I don't have
any idea what kind of tree it is.  

As soon as I got off the skyway ride I hurried over to see it! 
It is still 80 degrees most days.  Look, people mostly wear shorts and tee shirts.  I love Florida! 

What a pretty view this was!

It was dripping blossoms into a sweet little pond where you guide boats
by remote control. 
The gator looks a little less vicious with pink blossoms all around him.

The blossoms were huge and so beautiful 

Anyone?  Anyone? 
I would love to know what kind of tree this is!  

A very nice way to spend 11-12-13

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So pretty! Looks like some kind of lily flower but I have no idea. Do you have a page on Hometalk? You can post your picture and you will get tons of answers! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Art and Sand said…
We used to have a Busch Gardens in southern California and I loved to visit.

Those pink trees are gorgeous. I would love to have pink blossoms in my garden.
Unknown said…
Jeannie, more beautiful inspiration!!- inquiring minds and all (LOL) I think I found it...See what you think: www.finegardening.com/plantguide/abelia-x-grandiflora-confetti-glossy-abelia.aspx
Thank you again for bringing attention to the beauty hiding in plain.
Unknown said…
In plain Sight. (lol)
I have no idea, but it is a gorgeous tree! It rivals the cherry blossoms in D.C. Fabulous!
Jill said…
Lucky you is all I can say! Beautiful!
Tara said…
Ohhhh I love that tree! Your pictures sure made me jealous, beats freezing NJ :/ Lucky you :)
Jeannie Marie said…
I checked out Terri's link and that plant is a shrub with glossy leaves. Perhaps the link was incorrect?
Sue McPeak said…
Beautiful photos, and how fun to be able to see such gorgeous pinks and other colors in the FALL. Thanks for stopping by CollectInTexas Gal for this Holiday Pink Saturday.
Sue CollectInTexas Gal
Suzan said…
The flowering tree is lovely - It looks almost like a huge Christmas Cactus flower and a Star magnolia. I'm sure it's from another county that does live well in the southern part of Florida!
Growing up in Florida is nice in the winter, but those hot summers can be difficult! Especially central Florida. You open your car door and have to let the heat pour out before getting in. You can always bundle up - but you can only take off so much. . . .
LV said…
That is a lovely place to go anytime of the year. However, now is absolutely breathtaking.
bj said…
What a beautiful PINK to share with us this Pink Sat.
xo bj
Tara R. said…
That is a gorgeous tree.
molly said…
Looks so beautiful. I would love to go to Florida one day

The Tablescaper said…
Such beautiful photos and quite a lovely tree.

Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! What a lovely place to visit.

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