The Christmas Creep

 I was reading today about how stressful it is for a blogger to have to remove Thanksgiving decorations before Thanksgiving arrives to photograph Christmas  (here).  She was somewhat lamenting about the Christmas Creep.  A necessary evil.  And I agree with her! 

But, for the record, as a reader.....I love the Christmas creep!  

Weeks before the late November Thanksgiving celebrations have arrived, Christmas posts begin to appear.  It seems that once Halloween has passed, it's open season.  

Last year I had pink poinsettias!  

I have to say, after pumpkins and orange and brown for the past couple of months I don't blame them. I'm tired of the Autumn decorations!   I'm getting very tired of my own Autumn banner!  
 By the time Thanksgiving looms up, my attention has definitely lagged.  

So,  I'm now eagerly clicking on the Christmas craft posts and reading about Santas, Snowmen and Nutcrackers. 

 At least it isn't three months of Rudolph and We Three Kings. Really, it's two months max.  

 I know for sure the fall posts started when schools began to open in mid August.  I complained on my blog about that. (See my post of Sept 3rd)    I was not ready at all and felt the seasons should be revamped.  

So let the bells jingle in mid November and the decorated trees revolve in store windows!  I am sooooo ready!    

Don't worry....I'm still going to enjoy my Family Thanksgiving
and we'll have fall leaves, pumpkins and pilgrims on the table.

And I will enjoy them all Thanksgiving weekend, because I do not even think about decorating in my own home until after Dec 1st!   

Happy Holidays!  

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You've said this just the way I would! I love seeing the peeks of Christmas on the blogs and I'm even enjoying finding a few Christmas things at the thrift stores already. I'm tired of my Fall decor and can't wait to decorate. Not sure when I will...but it's something to look forward to! Enjoy your week! Wish we could eat at Brits soon!
Leovi said…
Yes, these dolls are pure delight!
Unknown said…
Hi Jeannie Marie!
Thanks for joining Rednesday!
Love your decor. I like to mix Autumn, Christmas/winter....and my colors are autumn year round, so I mix neutrals....pines....with my everyday. Add reds the day after Thanks. I leave some Snowmen up for winter.
Hi Jeannie
We have a rule that Christmas decorations don't go up until Dec 1st and then down of course by 12th night otherwise that's a whole year of bad karma! But in Australia if you get your REAL tree up so soon, it's practically dead by Xmas which is not good for the festive spirit, limp branches and all that! And you are definitely picking up pine needles for a whole year afterwards! So sometimes we decorate later...
Being a massive Christmas fan, I don't really mind Christmas creep ;)
Wren x
Yup, you're right. We have to start thinking and crafting for Christmas a little bit in advance. If not, it becomes so busy and just too late. I love Thanksgiving, but I am ready!
rebecca said…
The "Christmas Creep" doesn't bother me either. SOMEthing needs to combat the long hours of darkness :)
Love the Christmas season and wish it lasted longer :)
Anonymous said…
I do so love Christmas, but I also love the Thanksgiving time. Your happy pilgrims bring back fond memories, and I'm not so ready to give up the autumn colors just yet.
But the Christmas pics sure look grand.

LV said…
I do not do much decorating anymore. I do love seeing what others share tho.
Paulette said…
My two daughters, who are five years apart in age, celebrate birthdays on December 19th, and December 20th. We never put up the Christmas decoration until after we celebrated their birthdays. The day after we purchase and put up the real tree. So I don't decorate until late in the season. Makes both celebrations seem special.
Vanessa said…
Christmas creeped into my antique mall booth early this year. Having fun with it :)
Christmas creep has not started here but I'm thinking about it :)
Janet said…
As much as I love fall decor, I'm already decorating for Christmas! Usually I don't start until after Thanksgiving, but I hope to be finished with all my Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving this year!
xinex said…
I can understand the feeling. It seems like blogging adds to the pressure because everyone's post with holiday décor makes you feel like you have to do it too but I love it too. Happy holidays!...Christine
bj said…
Same here...we like to enjoy Thanksgiving and I never do Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. If I post something about Christmas, before then, it is always a previous post.:)
It is a delight to see it all. HPS Laura
Happy Pink Saturday :)
I'm starting my xmas decorating soon... can't wait. It's inspiring to see xmas decor online :) Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla
I'm itching for it, too! I love this time of year and I want to enjoy every moment of it. Your creep method is the way to go! Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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