Florida Gators

A rare shadow shot this week of cloudy days. I perused my week of photos almost in vain. 

The soft sunshine makes the gator looks like he is actually wearing shades! 

 My favorite shadow shot of all. 

Behind bars today
But wander free everywhere
Florida gators!

For more shadow shots
click here at Shadow Shot Sunday 2


Angie said…
The only way I would take a 'shadow shot' is behind bars!! Great shot.
Leovi said…
Really dangerous, scary!
Ruth Kelly said…
Oh my! I am glad they are behind a fence.
I don't like to see them anywhere! lol But we were in a natural habitat today....Rainbow Springs. It sure was a gorgeous day, wasn't it? Sweet hugs!
JoKnows said…
Great shot! :)

Hard for me to imagine gators wandering around here. I don't think they would like the snow much anyway. ;)
robin. said…
don't know if i'd get use to the ones that just wander freely!! nice shadow shot!!!

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