Thrifty November Finds

My newest acquisition!

A vintage tea set!

I'm showing it as I bought it.  Warts and all.  According to my research, which corroborates with what the seller told me, this set dates from the mid to late 1800's.
It is silverplate.

The set was still faintly marked $125.00 from a long time ago
and the elderly lady was selling it for $40.  She told me she actually only paid $75
 about 10 years ago and that it was from the 1800's. 

I loved the detail and the shape of the pot.

The thumb guard is to keep your thumb from slipping and touching the hot pot.  The handle is very beautiful! 

The acorn finial is nicely detailed.

 One foot needs to be soldered 

I saw one like it advertised it was made by Thomas Bradbury & Sons from Sheffield England 
It was found on ebay UK almost identical with the same acorn finial. but it didn't show the stamp.  
 It sold yesterday for about $80 USD.   
It was shined up and ready to use.  No repairs needed.   Much nicer looking
than mine. 

Mine came with a creamer and a need to also solder one foot.  
I like the tarnished look and if I keep the whole set I would like to repair the foot.  I don't 
think it can be cleaned to use for tea since it's plated, I may ruin the patina if I try to clean
it.  What if it has areas that won't shine?  

The sugar bowl only has some dents 
It's my favorite piece and I am picturing
a dried flower arrangement in it.

I only had $20 on me so I offered that and she took it.  Last day of the sale...yada, yada.  With two repairs needed (which I didn't see at the time of purchase) it is probably worth only $20, if that. 

 I really like it and wonder if the teapot and creamer are worth repairing.  
I'm curious, does anyone have an opinion?  

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Monday Mellow Yellows  A bit of a stretch this week...the wood looks a bit yellow maybe! 


Those are beautiful. If you plan to use them I would get them fixed.
Hi Jeannie Marie,
I love silver plated items, I have several myself. Your teaset is beautiful, and that's nice that the sugar and creamer are with it. I think that's a good buy for $20. I love the feet and that finial! Also, I had never heard about a thumb guard, how cool is that? Thanks for educating me that.
Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.
Have a great week,
Jill said…
That's a really good buy - very nice pieces!!
It's beautiful, and I'm no silver expert, but it sounds like an excellent buy to me! So charming with lots of character, so hope you do use it.
What a fabulous find. I love the intricate design and I wouldn't want to polish it either...I like the look of it the way it is. Enjoy your week my friend!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! This is a great find :) I love the intricate metal detailing design. Have a great week!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! This is a great find :) I love the intricate metal detailing design. Have a great week!
Cheapchick said…
I would only repair it if planning on reselling - I love them just the way they are! How pretty! Love the acorn detail.
Unknown said…
When are we having tea!
Ohhhhh...that acorn! I would have bought it just for that!
So gorgeous! this piece is amazing! hugs...
Gemma Wiseman said…
The wood will do nicely for a yellow tone. But adore these old pieces. I think I would leave them as is. They have a wonderful charm.
Paulette said…
I love everything about your pieces, the shape, the design, the fabulous details on the handles, finial, and the feet. Imagine how many people sat down and used this set and drank tea. Beautiful!
Rebecca said…
Really, REALLY nice!

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