Some Thrift Bonanzas and Some Regrets

I had just finished watching the entire series of eleven seasons of Frazier
when I spotted this cup
Now I can't believe I talked myself out of it

I know I can't have every coffee cup I want but talking myself out of
two cups I really liked in one day?  

Tea Time Tuesday has beautiful tea cups and saucers but I'm a mug person through and through!
So I'm sharing these two mugs with them today!

Yet I picked up this vintage pottery planter which is yellow and green, not blue.  I love
old pottery and I can use it on my front porch.  

Halloween is over, but I couldn't resist this little Jack O'Lantern
It's ceramic and has a foil label marked "F" from Korea
I love the rakish tilt and the witches hat.  

 Swanky Swigs?  I didn't think so. Didn't buy, no regrets  

 Cute picture...left it.  No regrets.

  Every house needs a spot of color in the winter!  
Jean takes an African Violet from the kitchen and puts it in the living room for a spot of color..
Jean and Johnny by Beverly Cleary


Anonymous said…
I've never had any luck with those flowers, always kill them :(
Good luck with yours!
Dawn @ We Call It
Anny said…
I have so many mugs too. I could probably go weeks without washing a single cup or mug and using a new one each time. Sad, sad!
Jill said…
You were lucky to come upon the Halloween pumpkin! Cute!
Deanies Stash said…
The African Violet is gorgeous. I find if I forget to water them, which is often, they thrive! The pumpkin is so cute!
ThrifterSisters said…
Why is it that cute mugs are so easy to find?! I have to talk myself out of them constantly, especially the vintage ones. I tell myself they are just too small for a good size cup of coffee!

I like the mugs! I actually have my coffee every morning in a mug and often sip tea from them too. Christmas ones this times of year. I must admit however that tea does taste better in a china teacup. Thanks so much for joining me for Tea Time and enjoy your day.

I love all things seattle hate it when I pass on things missed out on a snow globe once of the space needle thanks for sharing visiting from tuesday hop have a great day lorraine at

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