Shadow Shot Sunday A Blast From the Past

My mom!
 Vintage 1959

California Mom
lighthearted and dramatic
Always having fun

Growing up with an edgy mom was always interesting!  She was the belle of the neighborhood, the one who gardened in short shorts, danced the night away in underground beatnik clubs in San Francisco and dyed her hair every shade of blonde there was.  My California mom is still going strong here in Florida at 85.  She is still dramatic and lighthearted and always up for something fun.  

Married 60 years to my awesome dad who gave her free reign to be herself and loved her unconditionally. 


Kathe W. said…
awww I love your Mom! We all need to have that "joie de vivre" !
have a great day!
She is beautiful and I know you learned a lot and gained confidence from her. What style!! I love it! Sweet hugs!
Jill said…
What a fun picture of your Mom!!
Gerald (SK14) said…
not seen a fireplace like that for a long time.
Gemma Wiseman said…
What a character. A lively fun photo. An sunglasses indoors too.
What a super picture of your mom. How sweet she is still enjoying her wonderful life.
Diane Writes said…
My Beautiful Sunday series is so humble to accommodate a post from your mom. She is a very beautiful person inside and outside. Wishing her more years of happiness and great health.

Thank you for linking up Jeannie. Have a great week ahead!
Dorothy said…
Here's to the people who aren't afraid to be themselves!!
lina@home tips said…
Love her style :)
Wish for your mom's great health.
LV said…
Loved hearing about your sister. It is a blessing tho sisters are not alike. I have two, and we are are totally different. I told them I did not think we were sisters.
Your mama is beautiful, and yes, she looks like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with :)

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