Our Christmas Mugs

On our way home yesterday, we ducked into a favorite thrift shop that is usually off our beaten path.  

I was primarily looking for clear jars with tops but didn't find anything suitable.
Of course!  You never find anything when you are looking for it.  

Mr. Me came up to my cart and asked if we had any Christmas mugs.  Anyone who reads my blog knows (without even seeing any) that Yes, I do.  Of course I do!  But not as many as you might think.  I left all of them in Ohio when we moved and have only bought one set of four for us here in Florida.  I have had them two Christmases and I am rethinking why I even bought 4 almost matching and somewhat small mugs!!  Matching as they are a set with 4 different pictures.  Cute, nice brand, but not me.  I reminded him of what we had and only then he slightly remembered them.  

He came back with this monster and said.  "Now this is a mug! "
Yep.  Probably holds three cups and is very thick and heavy.  I sneaked it into my cart when he wasn't looking.  Later at home when I triumphantly presented it to him, he was shocked.  "Oh!  I didn't want to buy it!"  He said  " I was just showing you the size."  Hmmmm, and it was a two bucker too.  I hate to pay any more than $1.06 for a mug.  $1.06? you ask?   Why $1.06?  Goodwill always tags on an extra few cents to their prices. (They think we don't know, but we do... those few pennies add up, you know. ) 

Then I spotted this beauty.  Here I was not even thinking about Christmas mugs yet and I know I can't live without it.  

When I was paying for it the clerk showed me there was a tiny chip at the base I hadn't seen.  "Do you still want it?"  she asked.  Suddenly I was in a quandary.  I'm already in love with it.  You can see it's ME all over.  It's only $.99 and I knew I would regret it if I didn't take it.  The chip is on the other side of how I hold it soooooo.  "Oh, I guess..." I hedged.  She said.  "Here, I'll knock it down to $.48".  I'm beaming now.   I will remember every time I have coffee in my new mug that I got it for half price!

 She didn't know I was already planning to color in that tiny flaked off chip and no one (besides you all) would be the wiser.  

 It wasn't until I was at home and photographing the cups that it registered.... both cups were snowmen!  When I was looking at the manufacturer of mine, I Googled Sango Sweet Shoppe Christmas Mug.  Would you believe it is a part of a set of four?  Slightly different.  Haha.  


Nancy said…
I really like both mugs. If I had seen them, they would have been in my cart, too. Right now I have no Christmas mugs. Like you, when we moved I got rid of them. It's kind of fun to be able to shop for replacements, though. Christmas mugs and decorations are next on my "to find" list. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great weekend. ~ Nancy
I like them both too....his and hers! And it's so nice to have a big mug for hot chocolate and hot drinks. Let's toast! heehee!
I do love your Christmas mugs. I am about ready to get started on Christmas. right after Thanksgiving.
xo, Jeanne

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