Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrifting Finds this Week

My sister Karan and I took an afternoon and had lunch out and checked out some new thrift shops.  She scored a few special finds and I found these:

I'm always needing buttons, so this was the first blouse I bought for the buttons. When I cut the buttons off I immediately re-purposed into a bag because I absolutely loved the pattern and the stretchy cotton fabric. Had I known I would do that I would have taken a "before" picture of the blouse!  $3.77

The square buttons are an inch square and they are carved!  Look how many were on the blouse!

We squealed over this find!
A Coldwater Creek Felted Vest with appliqued Snowman and embroidered trees and snowflakes!  $3.77

 Yellow tags were half price on Tuesday

And I picked up two of these shell sweaters for half price so both together were $3.39.

I already turned the orange one into a bag last Tuesday when we shopped.  I should have taken it this morning when I was rockin' all that orange but I forgot I had it.  I love it!

I'm playing the game at Her Library Adventures...Flea Market Finds.  So fun to see what everyone else found!

Rocking Orange

I didn't wear Thanksgiving colors for the big day but really, this is still a harvest weekend and I like orange!

We even visited Harvest Baptist Church today on our quest to find a church home.  If I ever found a duplicate Community Baptist Church from Saginaw, Michigan I found it here.  Even down to the Sword of the Lord publication in the foyer.  

Every woman there wore a skirt.  No exceptions.  Oh, except me.  The preacher used expressions that I haven't heard in awhile like "Under Conviction" and "slip up your hand" several times.  The hymns were the old favorites and the the church activities were the same "The Ladies Missionary Fellowship", "Soul Winning", and they have services, Sunday School, Sunday Worship, Sunday Evening and Wednesday Night with Fellowships once a month.  

I talked to a teen about the music they liked and Casting Crowns was very edgy for them.  I mentioned Underoath was from this area and did they like the Christian message from that band?  Nope. 

So I don't think I'm going to fit in.  I did love my orange and white outfit today though with my colorful fish earrings. You know...the silent signal.

I left behind the shawl after all.  It was nearly 80 degrees. But wore my Vans flip flops.  From Warped Tour.  I wonder if anyone noticed.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Happy Thanksgiving 2011

I was thankful all day.  

The turkey went in on time.  I whiled away the hours it baked making a bag from the sweater I felted yesterday:

I love the color!  Inside are two big pockets and a loop around the middle flower keeps it closed.

I wore traditional Thanksgiving colors 


And we feasted at Mom's house!

...who also baked pies yesterday!  

Lest you suspect we only had turkey and pie I will give your our menu.  It's very traditional.

Roast Turkey w/cranberry sauce
Spiral Ham
Mashed Potatoes & gravy
Sweet Potato Caserole
Sage & Apple Dressing
Broccoli w/cheese sauce
Relishes Tray w/olives, veggies & dip
Deviled Eggs
Squash Soup
Rolls & Butter
Sangria or Ginger Ale
Apple, Pumpkin or Chocolate Pie
Orange cake frosted with chocolate

 Uncle Bob still managed to have room for dessert after a full plate!  Go UB!  Looking pretty good with his 89th birthday just on the horizon

As with all family gatherings, a four generation photo has be taken before the young family must leave to visit other family groups...

And then the cleanup......
Working with Mom and my sisters was like old times.   Washing, drying the good china.  Sorting over leftovers to take home and fun talking.  We didn't break into song though.  I think that is a first.  

Now...  It's full blown Christmas!

The Mr. was covered in glory when he came in with these beauties yesterday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving Pie Making Day !

 It's so easy to order your Thanksgiving pie from your favorite restaurant or bake your own from the freezer at the grocery it's a wonder people still bake from scratch.  The fact is they asked me to bring a ready made pie but I scoffed at that and said, oh...I'll just make some, pie crust is easy.

And it was.
It's the aftermath!  

It's also the shock of discovering that in the attempt to scale down I only brought two pie pans with me to Florida, but volunteered to make three pies.

Hence, my pretty baking dish from Shelly, that I have kept almost pristine by NOT baking in it was pressed into service for the apple pie.

The pumpkin pie filling was fun to do.  
Even though they were baked in weirdest pie pans ever.  I found them in the back of the cupboard in Ohio, brand new with the tags still on them so I left my Pyrex and my good metal pans behind and opted to keep the new ones that had a nonstick coating.    For the life of me though,  I don't remember ever seeing them and now that the pies have to be served in them, why I would buy such odd looking pans?

They baked up pretty nice though.
I found out later, while my pies were cooling there was a massive recall on Food Club canned pumpkin.    I was so relieved to run and check and find out I had purchased Libby's.  I usually do, but I'm not above generics or store brands if the price is right. 
I tried my hand at making a streusel topping for the apple pie and it boiled over a bit, so my baking dish has been broken in.  I had to borrow brown sugar from my mom, then after the Mr. went after it, I discovered I had brown sugar.  I then looked up the recipe and it said you needed white sugar, which I had too much of and still had purchased another bag.  So I have plenty of both brown and white now.
 All in all, I'm pretty happy to be done with the pies.

Onward to the stuffing. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Beauty of Actual Letters

I love that we can quickly email a message. We can Tweet in a heartbeat and some people even still fax.

Phone calls on smart phones can send images while we speak.

But there was something special about real mail.  The mail we hike out to the end of the driveway to get. 

Today it contained a letter, hand gold ink...with sealing wax.

How often has that appeared in your mailbox?  For me, very rarely.  Even before the electronic age.  It was so charming, so unexpected I was reluctant to open the envelope.  But I did.  Preserving the sealing wax, of course.

This special envelope did include a delightful letter!

Isn't this better than email?  This is an actual hand print, I can feel the ridges.  The lace behind our great niece's picture is real.  The poem is personal.  

Thank you, Holly!  You really brightened our day!  

Happy Holly Days back to you!

(And I'm saving the sealing wax too)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I Wore - Fail

Well, what I wore was a semi-fail really.  Bill was complimentary when I came out and twirled and he took my picture this morning: 
But I had an issue with the Grasshoppers.    There is Velcro across the top of the shoe.  It's designed so you can adjust the shoe for a wider or narrower toe.  I adjusted it and when I climbed into the truck one of the toe straps popped open!  I reattached it (puffing a little) and we left.  

We stopped for mints and I went in to get them and when I got out of the truck, it popped again!  Rats!  I ignored it.  Big mistake.  The shoe flapped as I walked in and I felt like I did when I was 10 and my saddle shoe sole flapped.  

Inside at the register I pretended I dropped something, hurried and reattached it, paid for my gum and left.  It popped open on the way to the truck...flap, flap, flap.  

By this time I felt hot and out of sorts.  The windows had to be down and we discovered the new church we were visiting was on a dirt road.  Choking on the dust, we turned in and I wanted to reattach the shoe in the car but it was a tight space.  It was then I suddenly noticed the pink berries in the skirt were bright red in the sunshine.  Next to my pink shell the color clash hurt my eyes. 

I could have chosen the black shell, with the cotton shawl!  But no.  Now, sitting in the sun this white shrug I became sweltering hot!

I opened the door to fix the dang shoe again and one lady standing in the parking lot craned her neck to see who we were and what we were doing.  I quickly closed the door and told Bill we were leaving.  He didn't argue but pulled out.  A bit quickly and roared up the dirt road.  OK, he didn't roar but drove faster than I would on a dirt road belching choking dust. 

The breeze cooled me off and I felt remorseful.   I shouldn't let a bum shoe keep me from worship so we turned back and by then everyone was inside.  I fixed my shoe (unseen by others) and we went in.  The shoe held together during the entire service.  There was a supper afterwards, but we hurried out because we didn't know them and we had a lunch shop to do.  

When I reached the truck....the Velcro popped. 

And continued to pop, pop, pop all through lunch. 

 F a i l....not an epic fail, but close.

What I'm Wearing Tomorrow

So, I've been visiting a number of blogs where it has been fascinating to see them post what they are wearing. One blog adds up the cost of her outfit each day.   It naturally inspired me to put together an outfit for my blog.  Since tomorrow is Sunday, it's natural to dress up for church and we are going out to lunch afterwards. 

So below is the outfit I put together tonight to wear.

I found these great Grasshopper sandals while thrifting today.  It's November, I know, but its going to be in the 80's by noon so they will be perfect.  $2.99

 This skirt is long and swirly.  It is fully lined with a soft spandex lining.  I love it.  $5.49.  A bit pricy at the thrift shop but it came home with me anyway.  I love the bright pink in the center of the flowers.

This scarf belonged to my Grandmother.  I have never worn it, but decided it needed a bit of airing.  My Aunt Pat sent it to me along with several others a few years ago. 

Earlier this fall I picked up several tanks in the clearance aisle. They were marked down from $19.99 to $2.50 so I bought one in each color they had.  They are long and can be tucked in and bloused over.  So very comfortable.

A white shrug, very airy and light will work nicely.  I wish I could say I knitted it, but I didn't.  It was on sale but I can't remember what I paid.  Less than $10 is all I remember.  Again, clearance.

I picked out several pair of earrings today for $2.99 ea.  These I'll wear tomorrow.

I'll pair up some copper and gold with a bit of color, but I'm still on the fence about it.  I'll have to see how I feel about them tomorrow.   Brand new, on clearance, each marked down several times from $24.99 to $2.50.  

My outfit cost me $28.85.  

Nice!  Nicht Wahr?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Snipp, Snapp, Snurr

Thrifting will score you books from your childhood that you always wished you could own! 

Yesterdays post was about the triplets Flicka, Ricka, Dick that Maj Lindman wrote about. Today I bring you the companion books to them, a series of books about Snipp, Snapp, Snurr!  This series was just as entertaining to me as a child even though it was all boy adventures.  The boys seem to get into more misadventures than the girls! 

Isn't she a comfortable looking Nanny?  I would trust her in a heartbeat!

Keeping track of three little boys, though, isn't easy at her age!

They push the washtub into the water and off they go!  So off they sail, out into the sea and Nanny is frightened, but they are rescued.  Suddenly the summer turns into swimming lessons for the boys.  

I like how the author, Maj Lindman shows why there is need for learning how to swim and then the practical application.  

The boys can be as kind as we saw Flicka, Ricka, Dicka behave in yesterdays post, not in a sissy way either!

Back in the day,  children actually worked for things they wanted, like a yellow sled....or were given jobs anyway!  I love how the job of dusting the bookshelves became an afternoon reading session!

Some of their jobs were not so easy!  This is exciting and scary stuff for us young ones to read!

When they go off to purchase the sled the boys are touched by the plight of the little boy who has no father and also yearns hopelessly for the sled.  They confer together and decide to use their hard earned money and buy it for him.  They then share an afternoon on his sled with their new friend.

 The story ends with the children starting over and begin earning money for a sled for themselves.  

What a good moral!  No one gave them a sled because they were unselfish.  That's how a story might read today.  No, they buckled down and went back to work.  My hat is off to the author/illustrator Maj Lindman.

Don't you agree that if someone gave the three boys a sled because they were unselfish that their gift would no longer be a gift from them?  How many parents unwittingly have done this in an attempt to reward their children for being unselfish?  


These two books were found at a "last chance" Goodwill thrift store where you could actually watch the bins get dumped into trucks to be hauled to the incinerator.  Prices were rock bottom as many scrabbled to go through them before they were picked up. I'm going to miss that thrift store. Many times the items weren't last chance stuff because when other Goodwill stores were full they routed unopened donated bags here.  It was a treasure trove in the days when I eBayed!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flicka, Ricka and Dicka

Who couldn't love these three little girls from Sweden? 

This was my very first favorite book series.  These and Snipp, Snapp & Snurr of course! Both series were written and illustrated by Maj Lindman

The colorful and full page illustrations really spoke to me.  I poured over them, noting every detail.

The bold print was large and easy to read, once I learned.

They were perfect for five year old me.  You could "read" the story just from the illustration. 

But when I learned to read, I read this series over and over.  The prose was simple but not childish.  The books never talked down to children.

I liked the idea of being a triplet, but with sisters close in age on either side of me, I felt like one.  I'm glad they are in print again, but I love the old library copies best. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Thrifting Surprise

I've always been a thrifter, even as a child my favorite store was what we called the junk store on Chestnut Avenue.  This was in the days before yard sales or before I knew about them.  I loved to sift through the tables piled high with old junk that I remember being mainly car parts and boy stuff.  But there were tiny treasures to be had, old broken jewelry, treasure boxes, comics by the bundle.  The store was dark and dusty and the proprietor didn't mind children picking things up and moving them. 

I filled house after house over the years with my yard sale finds, a perfect quilt from the 30's back in 1975 for $5.00 from an elderly person who was sick and tired of it being on her guestroom bed, a curved top trunk I kept for more than 40 years that sold for more than I paid for it and necessary items, like clothing, that we wore and resold.

Now I have downsized and sold and given away more than half of what I owned, I love the freedom of not having so much "stuff" but the thrill of thrifting has not left me.   This past weekend I dared to step into a storage unit sale.  It's three large storage units turned into perpetual sales, open every weekend.  I passed on the life sized mermaid reclining, bare breasts and all, and the tables of pure junk without a qualm.  None of the lamps, furniture or dishes enticed me at all.  Until I saw the little stack of melamine trays.

During the move I discovered a packet of post cards of some Eugene Grasset art that I picked up in Germany in 1991 at a thrift store (yes, they have them in other countries!) .  I was always going to frame them as a group but they were "misfiled" in one of my many boxes and I lost track of them.  When they surfaced this summer I was happy to know I still had them and I took them with me to Florida.

As I was leaving empty handed on Saturday, I spotted a little stack of melamine trays. 

Unbelievably, they were the same Eugene Grasset pictures.  There were only five, not the twelve months of the year as my post cards, but I had to have them.  I didn't quibble at all over the price of twenty cents each. 

And look!  The Melamine trays were made in Italy!

 I've used them a dozen times already and it's only been three days. They are perfect for snacks!   It's now one of  my goals in life to find the rest.

In my search so far I haven't found any of the melamine trays but I have found the post cards on ebay.  The description reads:

DESCRIPTION: Beautiful SET of 12 POSTCARDs depicting each month of the year.    The artwork is by Eugene Grasset done in 1896.

  • Caption:
  • Publisher/series:
  • Back/Age: late 1940s - early 1950s printed in Western Germany
  • Approx. Size: 4 x 6 inches
See auction here 

They are asking $74.50 for the set.  I paid forty cents each back when.  Their set is perfect, my set has a crease on August (Aout).  Diminishing the value to all but myself.  I did, however find a single post card (April) for sale ($4.99) so there is hope I might be able to replace my creased one. 

I'm thrilled! I'm thrilled with the value of the cards, the fun of the Melamine trays