Rocking Orange

I didn't wear Thanksgiving colors for the big day but really, this is still a harvest weekend and I like orange!

We even visited Harvest Baptist Church today on our quest to find a church home.  If I ever found a duplicate Community Baptist Church from Saginaw, Michigan I found it here.  Even down to the Sword of the Lord publication in the foyer.  

Every woman there wore a skirt.  No exceptions.  Oh, except me.  The preacher used expressions that I haven't heard in awhile like "Under Conviction" and "slip up your hand" several times.  The hymns were the old favorites and the the church activities were the same "The Ladies Missionary Fellowship", "Soul Winning", and they have services, Sunday School, Sunday Worship, Sunday Evening and Wednesday Night with Fellowships once a month.  

I talked to a teen about the music they liked and Casting Crowns was very edgy for them.  I mentioned Underoath was from this area and did they like the Christian message from that band?  Nope. 

So I don't think I'm going to fit in.  I did love my orange and white outfit today though with my colorful fish earrings. You know...the silent signal.

I left behind the shawl after all.  It was nearly 80 degrees. But wore my Vans flip flops.  From Warped Tour.  I wonder if anyone noticed.


Adri Hunt said…
You look beautiful Aunt Jeannie!
Willis Family said…
Ha! Ha! I think your church hunting will be fun. Keep posting.

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