The Beauty of Actual Letters

I love that we can quickly email a message. We can Tweet in a heartbeat and some people even still fax.

Phone calls on smart phones can send images while we speak.

But there was something special about real mail.  The mail we hike out to the end of the driveway to get. 

Today it contained a letter, hand gold ink...with sealing wax.

How often has that appeared in your mailbox?  For me, very rarely.  Even before the electronic age.  It was so charming, so unexpected I was reluctant to open the envelope.  But I did.  Preserving the sealing wax, of course.

This special envelope did include a delightful letter!

Isn't this better than email?  This is an actual hand print, I can feel the ridges.  The lace behind our great niece's picture is real.  The poem is personal.  

Thank you, Holly!  You really brightened our day!  

Happy Holly Days back to you!

(And I'm saving the sealing wax too)


Adri Hunt said…
That is so sweet of you to post this! We are followers of your blog now too! So excited to read and catch up! We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love, The Hunts
Vanessa said…
I'm a big fan of old fashioned correspondence as well. I love buying new stationary and there's something about a hand-written note that is so thoughtful and deliberate in this fast age of email, text, FB and twitter. Right there with you on this one!

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