Flicka, Ricka and Dicka

Who couldn't love these three little girls from Sweden? 

This was my very first favorite book series.  These and Snipp, Snapp & Snurr of course! Both series were written and illustrated by Maj Lindman

The colorful and full page illustrations really spoke to me.  I poured over them, noting every detail.

The bold print was large and easy to read, once I learned.

They were perfect for five year old me.  You could "read" the story just from the illustration. 

But when I learned to read, I read this series over and over.  The prose was simple but not childish.  The books never talked down to children.

I liked the idea of being a triplet, but with sisters close in age on either side of me, I felt like one.  I'm glad they are in print again, but I love the old library copies best. 


Patty said…
AHHHHh.....! I love them, too! Hoping to get copies for my birthday! :) I remember reading them in the old Concord, CA library - the 2 story small bldg with the oak tables and bookshelves. What bliss to spend time there as a girl!!
Unknown said…
You brought back a lot of memories....

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