What's Healthy For Breakfast?

The way to get off to a good start on your day is to start with a great tasting breakfast.  A breakfast that is healthy, filling and easy!   

While in Ohio, we stayed at Rebecca's house with Patty and Wayne and I am reproducing the breakfast they had every morning. They have been eating heart healthy for about six months with fantastic results.  This is amazingly healthy for breakfast and is fabulous. Just thought I would share with you. 

Unsweetened Mini Wheats
Frozen Blueberries
Slivered almonds
Skim Milk

The frozen blueberries get coated with milky ice and are so sweet you do not need any extra sweetening.  The almonds added make it taste like a dessert.  It's divine! 

Variations would be:
Adding a half a banana
Rotating frozen fruits...Raspberries, Blueberries, Peaches, etc.
Adding a dollop of Greek Yogurt
and if you must, must, must have it sweeter, mix a teaspoon of honey into your yogurt. 

 Patty not only fixes Wayne heart-smart meals but follows the program herself right along with him.  It's not a  matter if you have heart issues or not, eating smart IS smart! 

So now this is what is healthy for breakfast at our house. 



Patti said…
Great idea about the frozen blueberries. We kept buying them, but as the season came to it's end, they were so tart!
We eat Chex cereal...it is gluten free...and we add bananas, blueberries, strawberries...and sometimes slivered almonds...yummo!
Kathy said…
Frozen Blueberries or frozen grapes, or frozen cherries - very nice addition...
I find pomegranate is lovely with greek yogurt:)
Susie said…
Looks and sounds great!! Then do they finish up with a cinnamon roll?
Patty said…
Wow, I'm on the Blog!! Thanks Jeannie! One more thought...Wayne likes it with Almond Milk, too!

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