The Rehearsal Dinner

Our big party, our contribution to James' wedding, was so fun but it was the girls who really made it sing.  Dianne, Shelly and Ruby , along with help from Lauren and Kyra transformed the room into Island Paradise for the luau style rehearsal dinner while Bill and I were at the rehearsal at the church.  We were as delighted as everyone else when we arrived to greet the revelers.  Everyone seemed to have a great time!

Bill and I welcomed everyone!

We had a great picture corner with pumpkin Tiki Gods designed and painted by Erika Strong
Kyra looked great, one of the first to pose!

Bill asked the blessing upon the food and the party.

James and Rachel were served first!

Then it was a free for all!  Dianne and Lauren taking time out for a photo.

The Bride and Groom to be made the rounds and visited with everyone

Everyone was table hopping!

And eating!

Speeches were made

Gifts given!

...and messages were written.  Some dire warnings to the Bride and Groom...

...some spot on!

The "Mothers-in-Law" posed together.  Two families joining together soon!

Posing for photos was one of the top activities!

A fun bunch!
And Family groups!

 Some just doing their own thing.

A little hilarity during the clean up...

...and the night was over.  

 Thanks Wayne for all the great images!!  Without you we would not have had any photos!

So much fun for us and now the stage is completely set for the next event...

James and Rachel's Wedding Day!


Oh my goodness, that looked like a blast! While I love that Pokey and I had a quiet wedding with little "to do" over the whole thing, I really enjoy seeing everyone else's celebrations.

I can't wait to see the wedding photos and hear about it all.
What a fun rehearsal dinner! Love the theme! Thanks for stopping over!!

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