What I'm Wearing Tomorrow

So, I've been visiting a number of blogs where it has been fascinating to see them post what they are wearing. One blog adds up the cost of her outfit each day.   It naturally inspired me to put together an outfit for my blog.  Since tomorrow is Sunday, it's natural to dress up for church and we are going out to lunch afterwards. 

So below is the outfit I put together tonight to wear.

I found these great Grasshopper sandals while thrifting today.  It's November, I know, but its going to be in the 80's by noon so they will be perfect.  $2.99

 This skirt is long and swirly.  It is fully lined with a soft spandex lining.  I love it.  $5.49.  A bit pricy at the thrift shop but it came home with me anyway.  I love the bright pink in the center of the flowers.

This scarf belonged to my Grandmother.  I have never worn it, but decided it needed a bit of airing.  My Aunt Pat sent it to me along with several others a few years ago. 

Earlier this fall I picked up several tanks in the clearance aisle. They were marked down from $19.99 to $2.50 so I bought one in each color they had.  They are long and can be tucked in and bloused over.  So very comfortable.

A white shrug, very airy and light will work nicely.  I wish I could say I knitted it, but I didn't.  It was on sale but I can't remember what I paid.  Less than $10 is all I remember.  Again, clearance.

I picked out several pair of earrings today for $2.99 ea.  These I'll wear tomorrow.

I'll pair up some copper and gold with a bit of color, but I'm still on the fence about it.  I'll have to see how I feel about them tomorrow.   Brand new, on clearance, each marked down several times from $24.99 to $2.50.  

My outfit cost me $28.85.  

Nice!  Nicht Wahr?


Jennoit said…
If you don't participate already, check out the Wardrobe Remix group on flickr


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