It's Fall so it's Apple Pie

I was going to do a great story on how to make an apple pie.  I had it all in my mind yesterday and I got the camera out and began taking pictures.

Of course you must use firm and tart green apples.  Granny Smith is my favorite.

I usually make the crust first but this time since I was going to show my granddaughter how to make a pie, I peeled the apples first and added the sugar and cinnamon.  No need to teach that part.   I knew she knew how to peel a few apples.

I measured the ingredients carefully for the crust and waited for Lauren to come home from high school.  But when she breezed in around 2pm I discovered she always does homework first.  A good habit I was not going to interrupt.

Since we had dinner plans, I went ahead and chopped the shortening into the flour, added the salt and ice water and rolled out some beautiful crusts.

I did not, however, remember to photograph this step.

So my story is going to be:

Take picture #1  "Apples"

and add

Picture #2  "Flour"

and you magically produce:  (drum roll)

A deep dish apple pie!

Did you notice the one slice missing?  Our dinner plans were for a great buffet and habachi grill for dinner.  By the time we all rolled in the door after grazing at the buffet for an hour or more, this was all the dessert anyone could eat by the time we got home.


But it made a great breakfast this morning!!

....and mid morning snack!


Willis Family said…
Yea!! You made your award winning pies! I am sure they are enjoying them. I do have to laugh at the pictures... Coconuts,fish,pineapple.. All looking vaguely familiar! So what did we name the fish? Luau? Ha! Ha!
jennette Hogan said…
that looks so yummy! Totally has me craving apple [ie this morning!

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