Angry Birds, The Red Bird

 The Red Bird from Angry Birds

I haven't done any crocheting since I learn to knit, aside from one easy project.  I have never followed a pattern, cold.  But my grandson asked me if I could make him an Angry Bird from the Angry Birds game and I blithely said I could.  Sometimes my positive nature gets me into trouble.  We looked together on Ravelry for a pattern.  The Red Bird was the one he picked out and it wasn't until I began to read the pattern it that I realized it was crochet!

Crochet patterns have always confused me so much I never made anything from a pattern.  I just crocheted scarves and blankets all my life.  So I studied the Angry Birds pattern diligently.  I can do this, I can do this, I muttered as I decided to take it step by step. 

So I was very happy to find that I could complete this cute The Red Bird from Angry Birds.  I didn't wait until Christmas to send it.  Sometimes it is just fun to get a box in the mail when you aren't expecting one.  He sounded very happy and pleased when he called and said "Thank you Grandma!" 

I say thank you back.  Now I know I can follow a crochet pattern as well as a knitting one. That means I struggled, but it turned out reasonably well, despite my mistakes!

Here is a link to see the rest of the Angry Birds I crocheted since this one:   MORE ANGRY BIRD TOYS

It was a free pattern from Ravelry but some of them had to be taken down with copyright issues.   If you can't get it, leave a comment and I'll send you the pattern I used.

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The angry bird looks fantastic. I used to struggle but I now find if there is something I can't understand in a pattern I google it and if I'm still confused by written instructions I go onto you tube and follow the instuctions there. I can still only follow written patterns, diagrams still scare me.
pinkundine said…
Nice one, it looks fantastic! I have only made a couple of crochet things, and cannot figure out the patterns for the life of me!
Sandy said…
Wonderful motivation, the bird is cute....well done.
Chrissy said…
I haven't done much crochet since I learned to knit either. Its funny because I never had any problems with crochet patterns until I got comfortable with knitting ones, now the crochet charts terrify me. I think its because knitting patterns have become so familiar that the crochet patterns have become strange.

Well done for overcoming your block over crochet patterns.
well done jeanne! i am clueless when it comes to crocheting and knitting and i sooo admire people who can :) and i love that you sent your angry bird as a surprise :D
Kathleen said…
Go you, following a pattern---and you did an amazing job, too, the Angry Bird looks great. I'm glad you persevered and completed it, and that it's already been well-received. :)
So cute! I made a set of Angry Birds for my brother and another for DH. They were such a hit!
Haha I just got hooked on angry birds...too bad I stink at it!! But this little guy is adorable, you did a great job!

I'd love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday. The party is up until Sunday!
Blogger said…
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