December at the Beach

You may remember last week I promised myself we would give ourselves a beach day before the end of the year.  Having been in Florida since July 31 we only had one short beach visit the first week of August albeit we have had several drive thru's looking for good beaches.  

We discovered a nearby beach in Hernando County last week but, alas, it was coldish, after six PM and the beach was closed.  After boldly driving though the exit to view it, we decided to come back as soon as possible.  I checked for a good day and promised myself Tuesday would be our beach day.
It was, as promised, in the upper 70's and blazing with sunshine but the beach was practically empty!  
I wore my bathing suit, a floral cover up purchased here back in September, black Van's flip flops.  And my thrifted floppy hat I bought here in October that fits so snugly I don't have to hold it in the breeze (but I do out of habit). 

The Mister carried in the beach chairs

and I carried the towels and "lunch" in my bag that I repurposed from a thrift store blouse:

The breeze kept us from getting too hot while soaking up the Vitamin D

But it also kept us from doing any actual swimming. 

Not from wading though and walking and exploring the whole beach area..  I went along the beach  to the point and back and then the other way to the end of the beach and back.  The longer I was in the water, the warmer it got.

I wouldn't have been the only ones in the water, had I decided to dive in...the jet skiers were out.

We didn't arrive until 3PM so our "lunch" was a refreshing Florida tangerine... 

...and it was!.  I didn't think to bring a beverage of any kind, I'm new at this beach business.

We toasted in the sun, waded, ate and read for almost two hours.  The Mister said this was the most relaxed he felt since moving here.  He was as reluctant to leave as I was. 

This is gonna be a great winter!


jas said…
love the bag made out of the blouse!
Anonymous said…
I'm insanely jealous! Sun and sand in December?! I'm really ready to move south!

Jennettehogan said…
SO, SO Jealous!! Did I mention that I am jealous??? This is the time of year that I kick myself for leaving that weather to reside in this current foggy, snowy, icy, bitter cold condition I am currently experiencing. UGH!
Adri Hunt said…
I am glad to see you are enjoying that Florida beach weather!!!
Dianne McGuire said…
Oh I like that whole beach idea.

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