Sunday Services

Another Sunday and we have visited another church here in the area in our grand search for a church home.  Since it's the Christmas season, I wore my version of red and green.   I tucked my little white snowman with the green jingle bell into my scarf to keep it in place and I felt quite festive.

This time we went to a really large church that had a school associated with it and a fleet of busses.  Again we were a tad bit late and the service was in full swing.  As I stood in the lobby I looked in vain for a seat for two and finally spotted one about half way up the right aisle.  

Confidently we entered just as the prayer ended and all eyes watched us enter and discover that there were Bibles, notepads and pens left to hold those places.  I hated to turn around and walk out and a desperate glance spied two spots in the middle of a pew two rows up.  That necessitated the man on the end having to stand up and step out into the aisle and we scootched past the lady who stayed seated and finally after all the commotion settled down and we hopefully became invisible again. 

The hymns were carols, but obscure ones that I liked.  The message was interesting.  I was a bit off put that he read most of it, but I felt the words were uplifting and worshipful. Not everyone is a Billy Graham!  Bill was not happy the choir was robed.  He feels that is too churchy for him, but our petty fault finding was only because of our search to feel at home.  

I noticed in the bulletin that they were having their special Christmas musical program and drama in the evening and we both decided we wanted to go.  After church was over (no one spoke to us except the official greeters at the door who while shaking my hand somewhat pulled me forward out the door as he wished me a good afternoon.  

We stopped and asked mom if she would like to go and she said she would love too. So she came over early and we had supper and then left in good time to get a seat.  I wasn't going to have the same problem this evening!  
Mom was a confection in red and white and I donned a cathedral length jacket over black with white beads.  My antique red ice skate pin was hidden in the busy pattern. But Mom's sparkly Christmas tree was just right for the occasion.  

We loved the music and the drama

We found a good seat and really enjoyed the program.  It was well presented, all the choir in period robes and it ended in a candlelight moment that was beautiful. We were very glad to have been a part of the audience.

Later we drove around and looked at lights in the nearby neighborhood

It was fun for all of us and a very nice ending to the evening.  

We will still continue our search, but haven't ruled out any of the churches we visited except one.  

I have found it's harder to find a church home when two are deciding.  

My question:
When you first visited your church home did you feel immediately drawn it it or did it grow on you? 


Willis Family said…
Immediately drawn...from another state! LOL!!
Adri Hunt said…
The Christmas program looks fun! It's great to see pictures of Grandma!!! Ryan and I did not like the first Catholic church we tried out here, and then we found another one that we fell in love with. It's not a Cathedral type setting like our wedding, but a new, Tuscan (not styled beautiful church. The community is great, and Ryan even became a Knight of Columbus recently. Good luck on your search... I know you will find one!!
Baney family--east coast said…
Immediately drawn... Too bad you aren't closer to join us! We go Saturday nights or Sunday mornings and would love to have company. Great music and always a great message! Christ Fellowship... They are on the tube/internet if you are ever interested in watching. :-)

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