Unexpectedly Thrifty Wednesday

It wasn't supposed to be a thrifting day, but Karan and I were meeting up her way and we decided to make it lunch and shopping.  So I dressed to be out all afternoon.

It was cold enough to wear a cotton sweater that I just picked up at the Salvation Army for a song, I don't believe it has ever been worn.  I added a scarf that picked up the teal color and a bag that picked up the oranges in the scarf.  A bracelet of orange beads and a multi-colored necklace paired with a silver one and the ring I bought two weeks ago that, sadly, didn't last out the day.

The ring went to thrifting heaven.  I knew it was old when I bought it, (last week!) but was surprised to find myself wearing half a ring when I paid for my scarves.  I considered searching the store frantically for the top half, but since Karan and I decided it wasn't gold and it wasn't jade I didn't bother.  Then found it in the truck when I was unloading my purchases.  What must the sales clerk been thinking if she noticed I was wearing half a ring?  Yes, the bottom half was still tightly coiled around my finger, barely visible.

It's probably why she let me have the scarves at two for one even though it was only for clothing and purses.  Scarves are accessories she pointed out.  I had that issue at another store, both times the clerks on the floor telling me they were half price, both times the cashier said they were not.  The first time, when I had the whole ring on, she didn't give me the half price but made me pay the entire fifty cents per scarf. 

I saved much more the second time around, actually saving more than the ring originally cost me.  Well, if that is the reason she gave it to me. 

Anyhow....we really lucked into some good sales today and I came home with quite a few bags of fun Christmas items and some sweaters to felt and even a cute teal purse and a pair of Naturalizer shoes. Posting this news means my sister  is now going to know that I stopped at another thrift store on my way home!

I have some photos of some of my favorites  

This beauty isn't something I would usually pick up, but I love it.  It's the brass, the flowing hair, the detail in the piece.  I think she will find a home on my desk.  We bonded. And she was only seventy nine cents!

I then found three Vera scarves!  

The blue one is a Vera Ladybug.  Someone tell me the difference! 

Plus a find from the other day...An Italian Merino Wool vest from Talbot size M which I plan to eBay instead of felt, since I saw one listed for $50 something dollars. I believe I have room to undercut that price! Haha!   Thank goodness I saw that before I treated it to a hot sudsy bath.

 A sweet Mary Ann Rosenfeld shoulder bag for $2.50

An 8 inch Pottery Angel for fifty cents

These six inch cuties were new in the box and I spent too much $3.98 when they were only $7.98 brand new but I couldn't resist their smiles....and anyway I had to change my fall shakers to fit in with the season.

The find of the day was a Longaberger Falling Snow gift basket in holiday red for $0.79.  Woot! .

I was definitely doing the happy dance when I got home!

View everyone's thrifties this week here at Her Library Adventures!

and try your luck to win a Kitchenaid mixer here


Adri Hunt said…
Congrats on your good finds! Wish I could go shopping with you guys!
Ralph said…
As they say, one man's treasure...Alas, here in New England today, a mere cotton sweater wouldn't do!One Christmastime many years in east coast FL, I was wearing a cotton sweater until noon only. Pretty nice winter wear, at least to this snowbird!
Lexi said…
Love these scarves! What great finds!
Lexi xx
FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings
Christa said…
How fun!
I like the first picture of you....it looks like you have a fancy hair decoration on....but I suspect its decorations in a vase behind you....
Vanessa said…
Cute happy dance~!
And I love your scarf scores! The blue plaid is pretty and I also really love the first one!
Willis Family said…
Were you shopping for stockings?? I was thrifting today. Sadly nothing for stockings but got some neat books!
Lots of great finds. You can go to the Vintage Fashion Library and look up the Vera signatures if you want to date them. The signature/labels have changed over the years. Their label resource guide is a great tool.
Love those beautiful Vera scarves! But you are right; that Longaberger basket was the buy of the day! Way to go!
Zara said…
Look at all those lovely finds. The vera scarves are very pretty. x
Jill said…
I saw your pink Vera scarf - I thought we had found the same one - same colors but not the same - take a look at mine... Great finds!

Jeannie Marie said…
Jill, that very post was my inspiration to begin looking for Vera scarves!
Jill said…
I have a friend who is on the hunt now too - she just found her first one - sadly, I still have only one....

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