2011's Weeki Wachee Winter Waterland

We went to the Winter Waterland festival at Weeki Wachee Springs on Saturday night. The mermaid fountain out front was filled with soap bubbles that looked like snow.  The pathways were strewn with lights and decorated Christmas trees and the three shows were ummm...interesting.
I was happy to finally see the Mermaid show!
I wore a Blue polo (new),  thrifted gray Sweater vest, fun beads purchased on clearance, black jeans and my thrifted (but brand new) Earth flip flops that I've been living in for three months.  
And, my fish earrings.  Of course.

 My nod to the holidays.  I jingled all the way.  

Don't even ask why I thought I could take my own full length.

 We were greeted by one of the mermaids, obviously not performing tonight,  in a Christmas Tree dress.  

She asked several times for people to leave the curtain alone over the loud speaker and then she marched down with blood in her eye and quite an unattractive face to enforce her request. 

 The show was great when the curtain went up.  They opened as mermaids.

This mermaid dazzled us all! 

 Each holiday song had a lovely change of costume, but I was surprised, only one song, the opening number, was done as  mermaids

 We wandered over to the other show and was quite entertained by this young man doing his best for the school of dancers. 
 He didn't seem too out of place here but when he danced with the eight year old girls in their tutu's, it was, well...awkward. 

The Candyland Show was extravagant and fun for the kids.  Every show was packed out! 

It was fun to see all the Florida folks bundled in their coats, hoodies and knitted caps walking around the park looking all festive and Christmas-y but the truth was it wasn't cold out, it was just dark.  I was quite comfortable in my polo, vest and flip flops.  But I understand the need.  And it made for some great pictures parents were taking of their kids playing in the soapsuds, even if they weren't wearing mittens, because it really did look exactly like snow.

Totally worth the five bucks admission.  


Adri Hunt said…
I am glad you saw the show! I saw it years ago and thought it was really neat!
Willis Family said…
Never have seen the Christmas show! Are you losing weight? You look fabulous darling!! :)

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