Merry Christmas Eve

 A short road trip up the coast
 Over some rivers and though the swamps of Florida
To our daughters house we go!  

 Shelly and Michael on Christmas Eve
And Kyle and I.  Kyra was camera shy.  We took three pictures and  Kyle blinked in every one.  (!)

A full day and then party food!  Shelly fixed guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, barbeque pizza, quiche, pizza, french dip hot sandwiches, potato chips and dip. 

New P.J.'s were opened..
...and admired!
There was much intense competition and hilarity

The serious player...

...and the player who just likes to play...

And guess who won both games?  

Did you even question it?

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Adri Hunt said…
So glad you are all together on Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!

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