A weekend with James

Family Time

It was an unexpected surprise when I noticed James had an extra day to spend with us!  We didn't spend it running around like crazy people entertaining a beloved guest, we just spent time together, here at home. Which is what you want to do when you're out in the middle of  tour.  But this is a home James is unfamiliar with, his first taste of seeing our belongings in a new house.

He was almost two the last time we moved.  Our 17th move in 18 years.  The other children remember other homes and lives, but not James, (born when they were teens and pre teens).  He wandered around for the two minutes it takes to see the house and remarked it could fit into our family room in the other house.  Haha!  True!  Exactly how we want it now.

He was quiet, thoughtful and somewhat guarded.  Until he found his blanket.  A tour bus is cold in the winter and summer and James has an awesome blanket..no two.  He bought a twin and decided he needed a queen.  So there were now two of these awesome blankets floating around.  The queen size one made it over to his house when he moved earlier this fall but it was forgotten and sorely missed while he has been away. 

The other blanket ended up here and when I brought it out, he lit up.  He was so glad to have it for the final eighteen days. Finding something that was his made our new house seem more like home.

Dinner out at a local place we knew about was fun and later we caught up on all the news while he was sprawled in the living room.

Next day was show day and sleeping in.  Mom came over for a bit and had breakfast with us.  We love having her just around the corner!   It was fun getting ready. 

Almost time to leave for the show..no that isn't a hat, it's a wreath behind me, but it would make a cute hat, wouldn't it!


A quick stop to say goodby to Grandma before we left

 We hit traffic but we weren't late for sound check.  

Karan and Michael are always game to see James and were excited to see the Dead Throne show.  They met us there in the back of the venue. We walked around the front and saw the marquee and Karan wanted a picture....

And... I missed the shot where she was mugging for the camera.
But I got it second time around!

 While taking those pictures outside the venue James was spotted and we had to wait for him
 as these fans excitedly took some pictures and asked for an autograph.

 Ordering some beverages and snacks to hold us over until dinner after the show.  I asked James about the cool shirt and his friend Jaxin had given it to him earlier when they were out west.   Jaxin has a clothing line, Love Before Glory with really great stuff. 

We had a fun time! 

Especially when looking over pictures of their respective trips to Italy this fall. 

Originally we weren't going to subject Karan and Michael to White Chapel but I wanted to see
Enter Shikari (who was awesome).  We then found we could not leave and come back. So we sat back and I chuckled as I watched a stunned Michael and Karan see White Chapel perform.  They are pretty heavy metal, pig squeals and all. Karan and Michael were good sports.

Our guys are between the more poppy metal band Enter Shikari and the crushing heavy metal White Chapel.  

It was a great show...tomorrow I'll  share video I took in Orlando.


April said…
So fun! I looked up your son's band-I can't believe I haven't heard of them before since I work with a Christian college ministry. Sometimes I am out of the loop, though! Sounds like a great bunch of young men glorifying God in dark places.

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