Pine Island Beach

Today we went out and did a little exploring

 It was a little chilly so I wore my poncho, thrifted a couple of weeks ago. 

Ten minutes later I was too warm.  So it was carried.

I had on deep purple and added a necklace I made by repurposing a tiny scarf and a brooch.  Black jeans and my thrifted bag and flip flops. 

We found a beach we want to come back to soon.  I'm hoping next week it will be 75+ and sunshine.   We can just toast and tan.  That looks to be Tuesday. 

This was just about 6PM

We can bring our chairs and a picnic lunch
Really, we have to have one beach day this fall.  Isn't this place gorgeous? 
We went to the beach two days after we moved in last August and haven't been since.  So it's time.  This beach is about 20 miles from us.  There was only one person there this evening.  We didn't stop and get out, it was just a drive by viewing.  They were closed and we drove in the "out" gate to look at it because the "in" gate was closed and chained.  We live on the edge.  

We stopped in at Goodwill on the way home.

 I picked up this J. Crew bag. Usually Goodwill has all designer stuff in the pricey section.  

Someone overlooked it and it was in with the riff-raff. At a bargain.  I'm happy!

To see fun Flea Market finds at Her Library Adventures.... GO HERE:


love ur color palette! deep purple with animal print and ruby red :) and i am coveting ur j crew bag :) ur day at the beach sounds lovely :)
loooove that bag! I would have bought it as well!!!

Jennoit said…
Very cool repurposing on the necklace there! While I do love my winter, gawd your palm trees look awesome right now (*jealous*).

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