The Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker Ballet is a holiday tradition for many but it was a first visit for Mom.  She had her 83rd birthday on Thursday and since she had expressed a desire to see it, my sister and I decided we would take her this year.  We surprised  her last night at her birthday dinner when we presented her with tickets for the show tonight!   It was a perfect evening!

The poster in the lobby

Seats in the second row, we were brimming with anticipation! Michael and Bill were seated on either side, but not pictured.  It was a fun group!

The opening party scene.

The final scene.

Curtain call

The end of a perfect evening.

It was a perfect evening and a great finale to the two day celebration of Mom's birthday!


Adri Hunt said…
That's so nice!!! Wish we could have celebrated Grandma's birthday with you all! Love, The Hunts
Vanessa said…
My sister and I always try to see the Nutcracker each Christmas season. It's a lovely tradition.
What a beautiful gift and a beautiful evening! How fortunate you are to have such a lovely mom who at 83 looks that great and still enjoys life!
Willis Family said…
I took the kids when they were little. Everyone worried that they would not be quiet. They loved it and were very well behaved. I am glad Grandma got a chance to go!
Anonymous said…
What a great birthay present for Grandma! It looks like she had a lot of fun! I am glad that she was able to go see the Nutcracker, I havent been since I was 13!

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