Thrifting in December

I have been really enjoying my new local thrift shops.  This week's treasure hunt yielded these gems.

 A Fossil bag that looks unused but probably is.

I'm not familiar with them and didn't notice until I peeked inside that it was special. I caved and spend $10.00.

 Digging a little further I found this gem for $6.99

It probably is a knock off, but it says it was made here :-)
Seventy five cents for this sweet little Cloisonne' Teapot.  It is only 3 inches tall but it is a working pot, someone used it for spices.  It's quite heavy for it's size.

The lid is separate and you can pour through the spout. I love the teacups and checkerboard trim.

A stunning embroidered pillow that caught my eye.  I didn't know where I was going to use it, but had to have it.  When I tossed it on the bed, I saw it matched the embroidered flowers. 

A couple of felted gift bags for a quarter!  I love the bucket, which I actually picked up on another trip, but the tall one with the jingle bell in the center of the snowflake called my name too. Homemade wrapped goodies could be tucked inside.

We are doing  "thrifted only" stockings this year so I can't reveal the special finds I picked up for those right now, but will post them before New Year's.... I hope.  I'm so excited with what I've found!

Women are so easy, but the men and teen guys can be tricky!  Suggestions? ( I always love comments!)

I've joined the Monday party over at Apron Thrift Girl  
You can see more weekend finds over there.

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Adri Hunt said…
Great Dooney find!!! I have a Dooney bag with those colors and I love it!!!!
Vanessa said…
Hey New-Floridian, how do you like the thrifting down here? Where I live in North Florida there's a plethora of hunting to choose from ;)
i love ur fossil bag jeanne :)
love the felted gift bags. perfect find and super perfect price! great finds! and we do thrifted only christmas sometimes too...worth ever penny!
Wonderful those handbags!!! Thanks for sharing at my party.

Vanessa said…
looks like some more fun finds at the thrift store. Goodness, thrifting is so addicting to me! I've sworn myself off of it until I consign some items in my closet to make room for new stuff!
Ps. sorry it's taken me a while to respond to your question you posted last week on my blog regarding my photos. I take all the photos for the site, unless otherwise noted (it's very rare, but once in a blue moon my sister is around and takes them). I use a tripod and self-timer for the outfit/portrait shots.
Karen said…
I love your thrifty finds! The little teapot is darling. Thank so much for linking up with Friday Frolic!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, your Mohawk does look just like Choppy! (Only Choppy is minus ears :) ).
Choppy is a Turkish Van, and I never see other cats like him. Your thrifty finds are great too!
love those hand bags, especially the fossil bag! great finds!

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