Decorating with Janet

Today was really beautiful.  It was breezy but warm with sunshine and a promise of a great day.  We were invited to Janet's new apartment and to see our housewarming gifts on display. 
I wore my new thrifted scarf, which was a chiffon eternity scarf.  It was black with teal and salmon.

  I took my dark teal pleather bag with the pleather rose and wonderfully long strap which was thrifted on Wednesday along with the scarf.  A bright blue top over black slacks and I was dressed for comfort.  I added salmon drop earrings and a smile.

And off we went.  I'll spare you the details of the harrowing drive over there but just go directly to the delightful home of my sister Janet, and James.

They hosted a pot luck supper and introduced us to their new digs.  She and James had fun decorating their small apartment.  The Hors d'oeuvre's on the table were great, chips, crackers and a variety of delicious dips.

There is a wonderful mix of old and new with a sprinkling of "found" items tossed out by their ritzy teenage neighbors in the college dorms nearby.  We believe they just bring too much stuff for the small rooms and well, out it goes!  

One such fabulous find was this great geometric desk with good lines and multi-levels.  This works in the living room because there are levels for decoration as well as function.

 The ornate yet functional lamp works nicely. Candles and plants make a nice working atmosphere and doesn't interfere with the basic working area top.  Right now, before the computer is hooked up, the levels hold photographs and magazines, later there is room for lovely storage boxes to act as drawers to hold paper and clips, mail, pens and whatnot. 

 A new dining room set mixes well with the picture from a thrift shop that she and I picked out.  She also found the perfect arrangement on the table to match it.  The shades of antique salmon and pinks are picked up in the place mats and plants. Lots of light comes in through the large window. 

 This area was just stunning.  The beautiful thrifted table matches the cherry dining room table and is roomy enough for a large plant without crowding it.  But I loved the print above, tall and thin found at a tag sale just yesterday.  How perfect was that!  Janet has a great eye for decorating.

 The new bed has solid wood posts and ironwork between.  The soft curves warm up the iron and the neutral colors of the bedding compliment the wood.  Two matching pillows with bold prints are paired with the striped and solid bedding really make it so inviting.  The down comforter adds dimension being so thick and cozy. The side table has a small lamp and a live plant.  The long dresser was just brought in and is not decorated yet. 

Everyone loved the patio overlooking the lake.  The patio set is new and the plants were placed by James, Landscaper Extraodinair in my book .  OK, I know there is no such word but his love of plants shows throughout the house and patio.  Not only does he bring them home, but he keeps them beautiful!! Something I have yet to accomplish.

Right behind the darling picket fence is a walkway and folks often stop while strolling to admire the plants and the sleeping feline stretched out in the sun.  Yes, Missy lives there too.

 My sister feeds a duck that came up to the common area just outside her garden

So cute! 

Back inside to finish the tour, is a diminutive kitchen with beautiful light cabinets.  An entrance at each end, light walls and a bright ceiling is exactly right to keep this area open.  Fresh Cuban bread went well with the goulash brought by mom and garden salad that Janet made.  Karan came with a rich New York cheesecake and our pot luck was complete. 
New geometric throw rugs picked up the colors in the art on the wall.  This functional kitchen will be a pleasure to cook in. Mom and I are a bit jealous of the disposal and dishwasher! Our wells in our neighborhood just won't work properly with such luxury!

The seating is fabulous for sisterly conversation

and relaxing by the open door in front of the patio, is Mom, contributing to the sisterly chat...
...and enjoying it very much!  Janet brought in a patio chair to accommodate all the family.  I love the roominess she has that allows this. 

 A little music floated through the conversations later when we were stuffed and relaxed.  It was a lovely afternoon and no one wanted to leave, it was all so cozy.  

But the lake became choppy and the darkness crept in and we bid them a thank you and good bye and drove out an avenue filled with lights and dancing reindeer.  The complex had just put up a beautiful Christmas display for everyone to enjoy.  

It was a fun and very successful day.  Janet did a great job bringing all her finds and finery together to create a warm and friendly home. 


Jennettehogan said…
her new place looks absolutely wonderful! She did such a great job decorating it. I am so thrilled that she has such a beautiful place to live in, she looks like she is doing so well a!! She just seems really happy. Oh, and I enjoy reading about your thrift store finds. I am a big fab of thrift stores (and yard sales!) Love It!!!
Your sister's place looks great! Wonderful to see some sunshine when we are just about to get snow!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Adri Hunt said…
Thank you for the wonderful tour! The place is beautiful! I love seeing the water... no water here in Tucson!!! lol
Patty said…
I'm so glad you took all the pictures, Jeannie! I feel like I've been there, too, and enjoyed the visit! Janet has done a great job of decorating, and I love how everything looks! I'm glad, too, that she has such a nice place to live!
Unknown said…
I have just begun reading and don't yet know the back story of your sister, but what a great post! I love seeing how people can transform an empty space and communicate their style and taste. beautiful, I wish your sister good luck as she gets started in her new place. I love the picture of you sisters chatting at the table best!
Jeannie Marie said…
That is actually a photo I snapped of my two sisters! Patty (she made the comment above yours, Erin) is our other sister. Both Janet and I changed our lives and made dramatic moves this year! Now everyone is settled once again.
Lighting Deals said…
Such a lovely family photo. A simple yet enjoyed moment together. The light from the outside and the relaxing ambiance inside make the whole family enjoy the day.

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