Dashing in the Thrift Store

I went for one thing only.  Spoons & such for a project.  But I found these:

About ten pounds of polished stones.  How could I resist when they were only $3.99?


For fifty cents.  :-)

It would be so boring if there were not any thrift shops!

Yes, I found the type of spoons I needed too!

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Yes, life would be so boring without thrift stores!!! Love those stones!
Rebecca said…
I seldom find what I was actually looking for .... but frequently find other goodies! Your "finds" are fantastic! Now I'm curious to know about the "spoon project".
Hi Jeanne,

The stones are gorgeous!!!

Jill said…
What are your plans for the stones??
ohh I have ideas for those polished stones lol. And that light switch cover is toooo cute great buys.
PS have a good weekend
Unknown said…
Good finds, I love thrift store shopping and yardsaling with Momma!
Paulette said…
Don't you love when you find surprises while thrift shopping. Looking forward to viewing your project with the stones. The light switch is very cute, bet that will be a conversation piece.
Cheapchick said…
The stones are great - many projects worth.
So true: thrift stores keep life interesting! :) LOVE the stones--what a find.
i completely agree! life would be sooo utterly boring without thrift stores :) that switch plate is awesome!
thrift stores make every thing more fun! There's always a surprise of some kind to be found! You got some good stuff along with the spoons you were looking for!
Haha! I think this is every thrifter's life story LOL! Those stones are beautiful, and I love that light switch plate! So cute :)
Kranky Granny said…
Oh how I agree. I have to make the rounds of all the thrift stores in my area every week or two. Sometimes I find myself browsing for hours when they have a new shipment.
Wendy said…
ROFL - yep, I tell myself "one thing only", too. It never happens. :D Those stones are awesome!

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