It never fails to astonish me to step out my front door and see these visitors. 

Walking ever so gracefully, not at all afraid of me.

See the one on the far right?  He is trying to shoo me away with a loud squawk. 

Usually it's just Jack and Jill that come around, they always come in pairs.  Today they brought their friends from Mom's block around the corner, Fric and Frac.

Linked to:
Top of the Pecking Order  (isn't that soooo appropriate??)
Curb Alert (this is what is on my curb!) 


Cheapchick said…
Wow, they are beautiful - I'm jealous!
Lori said…
How wonderful to have such interesting birds right outside your door. Love their names!
Wendy said…
We are definitely surrounded by some of natures best.
Glenda said…
They're beautiful! What kind of bird is this?
are they cranes jeanne? love that u gave them names :) and also that you have stories about them :) i hope they come again soon!
Jeannie Marie said…
These are Cranes, actually Sandhill Cranes.
You live in such a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing all your great photos of the beach and these amazing birds! Have a great weekend. Tricia
JoKnows said…
Amazing visitors. I imagine you wouldn't get tired of seeing such lovely creatures!
They are amazing! How big are they? I hang out with emus but these look more intimidating with the long beaks. Thanks for sharing at What's Cluckin! Hope to see you back!
Jeannie Marie said…
The cranes are 4.5 to 5 feet tall. Since I'm 5'3" they look pretty tall to me!
Wow! Super great pictures. I've never seen those beautiful big birds before. They are beautiful!!!


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