I wasn't part of the surfin' crowd.   I have to stay out of the strong waves and currents.  The Gulf of Mexico is about as much "pull" as I can manage!  So I didn't swim at the beach, but I did suit up and collect shells, lounge under the umbrella and take pictures.  

We had a beach fail the day before but we were undaunted!

Our beach days were not actually at Myrtle Beach, but at Garden City Beach.  It was nearly empty, clean, soft sand and perfect for us! 

Presenting The Surfers

Point Break he says! 

My best surfin' pictures

Best Wipe Out

Bored with the adults

When the sun was close to setting we packed up and said goodbye to the Atlantic shore.

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Maria Elena said…
Oooh! It looks like a wonderful day of fun and relaxation! I am so jealous! LOL Found you at Curb Alert.

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