Look What I Found!

We didn't have much time or inclination to do any thrifting in Myrtle Beach.  We stopped in two shops that were very over-priced with very rude clerks.  They weren't even air conditioned so we decided to wait for Saturday and do the yard sales in the neighborhood.  There were five, but I only found one thing of any importance. 

I fell in love. 

I was looking for an outdoor birdbath for my large container garden and this is the perfect piece!  I loved the frog majolica. I loved the pop of red !

I haggled, she haggled back and we couldn't come to an agreement.  I wasn't finished but she thought I was.  I came back after two agonizing minutes with an offer to split the difference.  Victory!  So I paid $2.50.  

Now that I'm home, I want it in my living room.  On my aqua coffee table.  It's too nice for outdoors. 


what a find! your post reminds me of my cousin who collects everything froggy :) i love this piece and yes it would totally look great with ur aqua coffee table :)
I love those little frog pottery pieces. I have a few. They are so adorable.
JoKnows said…
So cute! And what a bargain.
Hi, This is just too cute. I probably would keep it inside, also...Connie
craftyles said…
WHat a cute piece. It would look great indoors or out. Great find!
LV said…
You found a cute piece that would look nice inside or out. You stole it at that price.
Yes, that pop of red adds just the right accent. Dashing!

Red Door in Mexico
Oh, how cute! I love those little green frogs!
What a sweet little find, my friend!
Super cute! I just love frogs.
Patty said…
So glad you found a bird bath! This is much cuter than the "almost" birdbath we saw at the Goodwill (i think)! You were wise to wait! But I think it should go outside...it's so cute for the birds!

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