Wordless Wednesday

A Day at the Beach


Partying at:


Cheapchick said…
I completely agree and since I just moved within a five minute drive of the Ocean I hope to be doing more of this! Love the birdie in the last shot.
i love your title jeann! your pictures speak louder than words!
Rebecca said…
"Bliss" is right!
LV said…
Have not been to the ocean in years. Felt like had been after visiting your blog.
{Shannon} said…
Great photos! Makes me wish we lived closer to the beach!
Looking at your photos is a nice little "escape!" Love them!
Wendy said…
Wonderful photos!!! This is making me want to run to the beach!
Hi Jeanne,

Oh how I adore beach photo's!!!

Jessica Cassidy said…
the water looks so inviting :-) like the colorful beach umbrella :-) Dropping by from last weeks RT2

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