Weekend Thrifting in Sultry June

Ohhhh it was a lovely tropical day and especially nice to be out after several days of rain.

My local Goodwill had, of course, raised their prices.  I think it's because of the massive amount of shopping I have done there over the last year.  They must feel like if I will pay $0.78 for something, surely I wouldn't object to paying $1.06.

The $1.06 price tag was on throw away bud vases, grocery store plastic storage, individual teaspoons, knives, forks etc. I'm simply stunned as I walk through and see the prices.  I don't think there was anything lower than $1.06

But there were bargains to be had.  

My favorite item to buy is a pottery mug and this one was especially nice...the aqua and brown is gorgeous, the handle is large, the rim TIPS OUT...and the line drawing takes me to someplace interesting. 
I loved having my coffee in it this morning,  

Tie Dye Coasters!
Not just any coasters, but the coasters that actually absorb all liquid but doesn't get the table wet.  $1.06 for all four.  They look brand new. 

Inspirational Garden Stones
They were $1.06 each but are deeply etched and a nice size.  They won't be hard to read, scattered about  in the front garden bed. 

A rusty tin angel
I plan to brush it with a bit of turquoise paint to highlight the pattern. 
$.50 no..not Goodwill.  Yard Sale!

That isn't all I brought home but just a sample. 

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JoKnows said…
One thing you can always be sure of...prices are going up! Don't blame yourself. ; Still, good bargains you got!
Rebecca said…
Yeah, our local Goodwill Store is too rich for MY blood! Thankfully, there are still a couple of other stores that I consider "thrift" stores. I like your garden rocks (and the mug--I, too, find it hard to pass up good, pottery mugs)!
see you there! said…
Our thrift stores are no longer "thrifty" in their prices. I like your angel a lot tho.

Cheapchick said…
Great finds. I always love a nice piece of pottery and that mug is great!
oh jeannie i love the rocks with the inspiring words! i would totally want them for my garden too! i am also loving that coaster colors. amazing mixture :) lovely finds with lovely prices!
Wendy said…
That coffee mug! Awesome! I've noticed the prices going up on certain items, too. Meh.