Tropical Storm Debby

Our first major storm since we moved to Florida.  

My rain cup has been awash and overflowing for hours now.

The view from our front door

Steady rain hasn't flooded us yet.

Just don't walk up to my front door

The view from the back
 A tiny bend in the gutter has been overflowing right onto the patio screen.
I could not get outside with the camera to show you even with the overflow here, the water is still gushing out of the drain spout on the corner.

  Our cat, Mohawk abandoned the patio he loves for the dry comfort of the living room.
Looking unperturbed, but the fact that he is inside speaks volumes.

High tide is in a half hour and is apparently wreaking havoc along US 19 since the water can no longer drain off into the Gulf.  

However.. far, so good at Tortoise Cottage.  We are only spectators watching the drama outdoors at this time.  No limbs down, no damp spots on the ceiling and the electricity is working fine.  Maybe I'll bake.

It's officially high tide and my street is flooded at this time. 

Losing our island in the middle of the road.


Unknown said…
We are watching! I hope it dwindles down before becoming anything bigger! We don't want it here in Texas! I am 40 miles from Galveston.
Jill said…
Oh ,my - hope it's a better day tomorrow!!
JoKnows said…
Wow! That's a lot of water. I hope everything is okay still at your place!
Cheapchick said…
Wow, I hope you don't have any damage and are safe and sound
Vic said…
really nice blog:)x
Hi Jeanne I love all your thrifty finds lately and the birds that come by to visit are so beautiful. I was wondering if Debby was dumping on you. Hope all remains well.
Love the coasters if u ever consider selling them I'll buy them I have been looking for some of the water absorbing kind.
Wendy said…
Happy you liked the banana bread! It's definitely a keeper. As far as Debby, she's like the guest that over stay's their welcome. Meh.
mispapelicos said…
The photos of rain cool me down in this horrid heat.
thank you so much for your visit, dear friend.
Sangría coming up!!!

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