National Cadet Competition, Dayton OH

The National Cadet Competition
Dayton, OH 
July 18-20 

We took our trip to Dayton in July in order to attend the National Cadet Competition for Civil Air Patrol Drill Teams.  Our Granddaughter, Kyra Willis was a member of the team from Raleigh, NC representing the Mid East Regional Champions.  There were six regions represented nationally.  

Each team had to win their state competition and then a regional competition to be here at the national competition.

The cadets are are members of Civil Air Patrol  which is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  Civil Air Patrol is open to anyone but this competition is only open to Cadets.  The Civil Air Patrol support their communities with emergency/disaster relief.  It is open to young adults aged 12-18.  

Kyra, 14,  really enjoys being a Cadet in the Civil Air Patrol.   In addition, to the Drill Team , she also is a member of the Honor Guard.  

The competition consisted of a written exam, inspection, drills, volley ball, running and a question and answer competition.  

Here is the Mid East Region Drill Team marching out on the bright yellow floor.

 Ready for inspection
A professional photographer was there to record all events 

 Here is a photo he took of Kyra during the inspection
 This was Kyras Team during the question and answer competition.  It was fun to see Kyra be the first to hit the button and answer correctly!   Her team won this competition.
 My granddaughter, Lauren compiled this photo of the volley ball game and inspection. 

The Awards Ceremony 

Kyra's Region came in 4th out of six teams.  We were proud of that accomplishment.  They were a brand new team up against teams that had won previously and been together for several years.  Every team did a wonderful job and it was quite exciting to see all the events.  The teams conducted themselves in a sportsman like manner in every instance.  It was a pleasure to be at the events.  

Kyra was pleased that practically her whole family came out to see her compete.  Kyra's father First Lieutenant Michael Willis USAF is the team advisor.  

Top Lauren McGuire, Dianne McGuire, Shelly Willis
Bottom Ryan McGuire, William Baney, James Baney, William Baney, Jr and Me :) 

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What a lovely and talented family you have. Congratulations to all.
My name is Riet said…
What a lovely family and I love your photo's. They tell us a lot.
Gemma Wiseman said…
What a wonderful experience for Kyra. And that looks like a very proud family. So you should be. Interesting photos.
Unknown said…
You must be very proud of your granddaughter! What a great activity to be involved in. I'd never heard of this. It's good to see young people committing to serve others. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a fabulous week!
Debbie said…
what a lovely and supportive family!!

i like the collage of pictures but they are all really special!!

thanks for stoping by it's all about purple!!
Anonymous said…
Hi, can you please give Kyra my email? It's
I'm a (sort of) cadet in the Tidewater Composite. She might not know me as Kaylea, so just say I'm either Spiroff or the girl with the Nirvana t-shirt. She wanted to email me something, but I never got the chance to give her my email.
Jeannie Marie said…
Thank you Kaylea, I did just see this and sent it on to Kyra's mom. She just texted me back that Kyra taught you how to drill and she is pleased to get your email. :-))

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