Flower Plates Indoors

I brought my Sister in Law a flower plate for a hostess gift (along with a copper pipe) for her garden.  

Layering plates for flowers is a lot of fun.  
This one had four plates, I usually use just three but flowers have layers so any amount of plates will work.

This is why the plate works.
  The first plate had a great yellow band with a hint of blue that popped with color.  The next one was vintage plate from the 30's with tiny faded blue and brownish flowers and a scalloped edge, the third one in had the curly edge but also lots of texture.  The color is picked up from the vintage plate.    The tiny one is almost a bowl, it curves out just a bit, the bright blue pulls in the blue from the back plate.  The colors work together and it was perfect for her kitchen. 

She hung it on her Baker's Rack after receiving it until she decided where in the garden she wanted to place it.

It looked so cute!  

 And there it has stayed.  

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Paulette said…
She is lucky to have such a talented sister. Very lovely.
What a pretty and thoughtful gift. I love the color choice and the idea of flowers on the plates for the garden.
Blooms all the time!

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