Linky Blog Party Hop #4

Welcome to the Linky Blog Party Hop #4  

I was all about Mermaids after decorating my mantel last week in a Coastal Florida Theme  (See HERE)
so mermaids have been catching my eye everywhere.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my box of Red Rose Tea and found a mermaid figurine! 
Life is full of surprises!

There are no rules here, I would love a follow of course and if you do link up please be kind and link back to me :))))  

Also, in your comments please put your number down so my readers can easily find your post.

Thanks so much for participating!!


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JoKnows said…
I love the Mermaid!! They put figurines in the Red Rose tea again now??? When did this happen? Does it say so on the box?

I am a little late for the party but didn't want to miss it. Thanks for hosting!
I'm linked this week and so anxious to visit! Hugs from close by!