Sometimes I'm Astounded

I am just astounded sometimes at what someone donates to a thrift store!

 It's hard to believe people have passed it by 

...priced at only 99 cents!

 I just love this little bowl! 

Then I found this gorgeous vintage Tartan Stadium Blanket!
It looks brand new and the wool is deliciously thick.  
You know I have no need of it in Florida but for $1.50 how could I leave it there?

I also had to take this gorgeous pottery piece!

It's going to be a great pedestal base.  

I also found this book for my sister to take with her when she spends the day with her grandson.  They have been having fun cooking together. 

Recipes like Zucchini Moons 

 and Pretend Soup

 ...are illustrated in a cute format that is easy for a three year old to follow.  Unfortunately she is leaving on a month long cruise so will have to wait until October to cook with him!

Sigh!  I just love thrifting!

I did see that the cookbook was available
to buy on Amazon.  Here is a link if you think you
might want one.


Revi said…
I totally understand! I'm astounded, too. :)
Linda said…
If you do not need the wool throw, just felt it and make something. Placemats, coasters, hotpads, whatever. Have fun with it. Linda @ Wetcreek Blog
Jill said…
You have been luckier than me, there just seems to be nothing good around here these days!,

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