Shadow Shot Sunday Amish Birdhouses

It's not unusual, but always surprising to get an entirely different capture than you actually saw and photographed.

Birdhouses at an Amish farm

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Indeed a great shot! Looks so peaceful.
Ralph said…
Ah, the simplicity of Amish architecture - it may be functional but the simple lines are what offers true art. One of the best vacations the family had years ago was visiting the Amish Homestead farm/museum in Lancaster PA. Absolutely interesting!
Nonnie said…
ah, peace and quiet, love the simple lines of all that the Amish build!
Patti said…
Beautiful photo ~ I agree that it's fun to get something more than you had originally planned to photograph!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Bold and long and beautiful shadows. Such dramatic stillness and quiet.
BLOGitse said…
Sometimes surprises are fun, like this one.
Have a good week ahead!
Leovi said…
Yes, a nice photo! I like this wonderful perspective bird houses!
Patti said…
I'm a sucker for all things bird houses.
Very nice!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

robin. said…
nice digs for the birds. great shot!!
Dimple said…
Interesting shot, the lighting and angle are unusual. I like it!
mispapelicos said…
Hello my dear Jeannie, the photographer in the glasses is my daughter Rebecca, but only when we get together Usually is my husband who takes the pics. I think he pretends I am a car, lol
Suzan said…
Love the bird houses!!

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