Fun Whimsical Tidbit Tray

 I couldn't wait to get started on making a couple of tidbit trays for the Magnolia Terrace Tea Room in nearby Spring Hill.  

In the past all my whimsy's have been made for gifts.  

We had a lovely family tea awhile back and I noticed they had an area where you could purchase a variety of  teas, antiques, and fun dishes.  I thought my tidbit trays would look nice there.  I took in some photos of some of my tidbit trays earlier this week and the ladies at the tea room liked them.  So we'll see how this works out.  

My niece, Becky and my mother. 
The shelves in the background hold the items for sale.

This is my first whimsical Tidbit Tray for the tea room

I have been picking up dishes for awhile that I thought would be fun. 

 You will remember this.....from yesterday's post! 

Mixing patterns work when the colors are similar

I think this plate would be so pretty with a variety of cookies on both tiers.
If you would like to see more of the tea party...I blogged about it last year (was it a whole year ago??)  


Sandra Henslee said…
Thanks for this cute idea! I love new party trays and this could be made in so many different styles! Stopping by from Ladies Only! Love to have you visit me at
This is adorable and something really fun for any decor! You're so smart and thrifty, too! Sweet hugs!
Unknown said…
This is so adorable. This just reminds me not to throw away a mismatched plates and cups. ^_^

Mary, MI
This is so cute! It reminds me of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Thanks for linking up to TTF.
Happy Pink Saturday!
... truly whimsical and cute :)
Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla
I love your tidbit trays. So sweet.
Happy pink Saturday
Dimple said…
Your whimsical tea tray is cute! Thanks for visiting my bit of Whimsy!
Leovi said…
Very nice design! Beautiful tray!
Great tea party tray! How lucky of you to have a good tea room nearby! Thanks for your visit to my blog and especially for your kind comment. The painted rug has held up really well.
Kmcblackburn said…
How fun! Love the combination of colors and patterns!
hula-la said…
I love the mismatched pieces! Fun, fun post! Aloha!
JoKnows said…
What a lovely idea! It looks wonderful. :)
StarTraci said…
Lovely tea and the tray is beautifully whimsical!
Happy Sunday!
I think they're adorable! I hope they sell well.
JuanitaTortilla said…
The tidbit tray made by stacking them up is such a great idea. Been wanting to try building one, but found no occasion to, sadly :D

Thank you for stopping by my blog via Beautiful Sunday!
cairncottage said…
What a cute Tidbit Tray! I love whimsical-themed tea stuff! Love the colors shared in all the plates and cup, too!
Ann @ Cairn Cottage (
Adorable! Love the way you mixed patterns!
Your brightly coloured whimsy have inspired me to step out of my usual palette. I'll be featuring you and this post in next weeks post if I may use a picture to go with a link back to you. If so Please stop by and grab my button!
Jeannie Marie, Congrats! You'll be featured this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Thanks so much for sharing this whimsical tea tray! Love it!

Oh, now that is just too cute for words! Love it!!
Diane Writes said…
Hi Jeannie! Thank you for joining my quiet Beautiful Sunday series and my apologies for this late visit. Your tidbit tray is so cute. I couldn't wait to see the future tea party you will be hosting :)

Have a great weekend and hope to see you this Sunday again.

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