Thursday's Thrifting

I'm winding down on my thrifting orgy.  I've been down by my favorite store every day this week with an hour or more to kill so I've had lots of time to inspect every item.  My pocketbook is getting thin so I must start creating my totems and stay out of the shops for a bit.  

But this is my haul for today.

This is a favorite even though it doesn't photograph well.  This Asian bowl is very large and the colors are rich.  I love the artsy splashes and the shape, which you can see best in the bottom photo.  It's really gorgeous when you're holding it. 

 These are for me to use.  I love the smoothness of this style pottery and these cereal bowls are McCoy so will stand up to daily use.  Besides that,  my husband loves them.

These two look great together, but they aren't a set.  They will probably will be together though in the same stack.

I love Belle and this one will be cute on the top of a child's whimsey. 

This vintage plate has the great texture I like to include when making plate flowers

This little set will be broken up to be parts of several different items. But for $2.19 it was a steal. 

 I really like this cup and it may be in use here before it's incorporated into a whimsy.

 This green plate has it all!  Rich color, a petal edge and able to fit into any whimsical stack because it's a medium size plate. 

 Won't this vase make a great base?  

It's a motley lot, but all purchased at the Goodwill today where even the cashier was oohing and ahhing over the colorful ones as she rang them up.  They came to $16 something all together. 

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rebecca said…
I sure look forward to seeing some of the finished product(s)!
Melissa said…
Wow! So many great thrift store finds!!! Visiting from Shabby Love! :)
I'm with you....I LOVE to thrift shop! What great buys!
Beautiful items and I know you will turn them into even more fantastic fun items. Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds at TTF this week.

Jeannie, the little blue tea set is adorable. I love blue and white china. Great pottery.

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