Attracting Hummingbirds


My feeder is hung
In great anticipation
Waiting for my first

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Anonymous said…
Beautiful feeder. Just make sure to clean it and replace the sugar water every week so it doesn't go bad and they'll eventually find it. Once they find it - you get more in each succeeding year.
Rebecca said…
Well, it sure is a beautiful location! Let us know when the "hummers" arrive.
I've seen a few hummingbirds around our hanging baskets. I would love to catch a photo of one. I'm not quick enough!
Gerald (SK14) said…
hope they come for you
Meryl said…
What a lovely feeder!
Anonymous said…
Oh what a delightful photo and love the feeder attracting nature's gems ~ thanks ~ Happy Week to you ~ xxxoo
The hummers will find the feeder, trust me!

Blue, Ruby, Yellow Window
Linnea said…
I think that feeder will be a big hit with the little hummingbirds! Thanks for stopping by.
Maria's Space said…
They are amazing little birds. We have had a feeder for 3 years but it broke this Spring. I miss them. Need to get another one. Here are my shots if you care to check them out
Unknown said…
Had a fried who had one - makes daily life so interesting:)

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