Visiting "Robert Is Here"

On our way down to Key West we stopped for a milkshake here at this crazy fruit stand called
Robert Is Here
I guess he has been here just about forever. 

The fruit was exotic 

It was huge!  

My sister in law holding a one of the grapefruits.  

Not only did they have fruit, they had Iguana and an Emu to visit.  There were even Parrots in a small zoo in the back of the fruit stand. 

A few arts and crafts

Ruby red Pitaya Dragon Fruit...say what?

And lo and behold Robert himself!  
He was pleased to have his picture taken with me.

Yes, we did get our milkshakes

 I would choose this place over McDonalds any day!  

A very fun place to stop and stretch and take a driving break.  

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Jim said…
Emus and Iguanas for sale?
Just passing through from Blue Monday

Hey - do they they have grapefruit milkshakes?! Now there's an idea. My hubby went to the market to do the shopping, came back with three grapefruit period. Nothing useful like carrots, apples or broccoli - that fruit has sat on the side for days, so I laughed when I saw your photos on the gorgeous grapefruit...
Got to dash I have to make a grapefruit shake!!!
Wren x
Unknown said…
I like the Dragon fruit :D
Gemma Wiseman said…
I have never seen such a huge grapefruit! Incredible And Robert's Place sounds like a friendly business.
Unknown said…
Enormous fruits!
betty-NZ said…
What a wondrously quaint place!
SmilingSally said…
What a fun trip! I love Florida!

Happy Blue Monday, Jeannie Marie.
Paulette said…
What a fun stop, thanks for sharing it with us.
Savannah Granny said…
What a fun place and to think there was really a "Robert" there. Have a fun week and thanks for visiting me. I am a new GFC follower.
What a cute photo of YOU and Robert! I would love to drive down there...I've never been! Hugs!
mispapelicos said…
I thought they were melons, ahhhhhhhhhh I love fruit.
Thank you my dear Jeannie I can feel your comment coming from your heart, and that is priceless.
❀~Myrna~❀ said…
Very cool place! Wonderful pics!
Diane Writes said…
Shakes!!! My favorite drinks too after the unhealthiest Coca Cola hahaha You are too lucky to have your shakes prepared by the owner himself. What a perfect way to cool down the summer heat.

Thank you for linking up Jeannie! Happy Sunday and have a great week ahead.

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