Bargain Hunting at the Thrift Store

I've been meaning to head out to the thrift store for a while but life keeps getting in the way.  Even today, when I was determined to see what's out there, I was waylaid a couple of times.  I didn't actually arrive at the store until close to 4:00 PM.  

I want to make more whimseys and flower plates for local consignment.  Who knows I may even reopen my Etsy shop.  

I love this fish plate.  It's pottery, not ceramic.

It may be hard not to keep this cup.  I'm such a sucker for a great mug.  
The Banana tree is so Florida!

This has the makings of a good start for a  table whimsey.

.  These vintage birds could be put with this plate, the colors are very similar, but we'll see!
Nothing happens until it happens.  

The Olive pattern is just beautiful.  

A definite keeper.  I've already had a cup of tea in it .  It's a large mug, curved lip, great color and texture.  There was no hesitation when I picked this one up.

Good brands make the best whimseys.  This plate has lot's of possibilities.

You always need great accent pieces in your whimsy.  
Not every piece can be the star, but again quality counts.

 Teapots are fun to work with.  

Isn't this a great piece?  

 I can't grow Hydrangeas but isn't this a pretty mug from Lady Jayne, Ltd? 

This refrigerator dish is the Criss Cross Depression Glass pattern from Hazel Atlas
It's in perfect condition.  
If you click on any of the photos you can see the details better.  

I really had fun shopping this afternoon.  When you bring your retired spouse along he takes you to lunch.  But then you have to go to the opening of the new Rural King store.  Meh...  I much prefer the thrift store. 

Be sure to look at Bargain Hunting at the Thrift Store Part II 

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Jill said…
If you found all of that at one store, you had a great day and lunch on top of that - even better!!
Paulette said…
You had a Lollapalooza thrift day! I love the tea pot, and the Hazel Atlas refrigerator dish is wonderful.
What a great bunch of finds! I particularly love that Hazel Atlas refrigerator dish -- I can't get enough of those.
Gemma Wiseman said…
An interesting collection. Especially love the design of the little birds and olive plate.
JoKnows said…
The fish plate is gorgeous! You found lots of wonderful things! :)
Amazing finds, I love them all. You did good. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty
Melissa said…
Great finds! I'm excited to see what you do with all these fabulous goodies.
Meg said…
I love the fish's GORGEOUS!
Cheapchick said…
Fab finds, you really had a great thrifting day!
The fish plate is awesome! I have a blue kitchen so I'm always looking for neat things like that. If you drive over to my part of the country...let me know and I'll tell you where the best thrift stores are on HWY 200 where I shop! Hugs!
Abbie said…
I like all the stuff you had from your bargain hunting! It is really a joy finding out cheap and worth stuff.

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